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Tengchong, Yunnan Province, is a region known for its vibrant landscapes, and nestled within this scenic beauty is the magnificent Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel. What was once considered a mere “waste of time” has been transformed into a place that embodies the true meaning of human life. With its breathtaking location and meticulous design, this hotel offers a haven where guests can escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in an extraordinary experience.

1. A Hotel Inspired by Nature and Time:

Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel is the result of over three years of dedicated work and a total investment of 170 million. It was carefully converted from ten townhouses into a single arc-shaped structure, nestled against the Gaoligong Mountain. The visionary founder, Duan Linhai, drew inspiration from ancient Chinese poems, creating a haven that reflects the aspirations and desires of life.

The hotel’s curved terrace embraces the square box, symbolizing the value of moderation and maintaining a balance. One of its highlights is the crescent-shaped open-air heated swimming pool that rests against the cliff, offering a mesmerizing experience that is both abundant and harmonious.

2. Harmonizing Nature and Humanity:

Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel is designed to captivate visitors from the moment they enter. The entrance, sculpted beneath the mountain, creates an aura of mystery and heightens anticipation. The design harmoniously blends the ruggedness of local volcanic rock with the delicate touch of micro-cement paint, forming a captivating dialogue between nature and architectural craftsmanship.

Within this enchanting setting, guests can relish in the beauty of each passing moment. Whether enjoying a leisurely stroll or indulging in various amenities such as wine, cigars, cuisines, fitness, or spa treatments, the hotel’s nearly 6,000 square meters of diverse offerings cater to every desire. As time flows, the hotel becomes a canvas for new humanistic experiences to emerge.

3. Inclusive, Unique, and Delicate Experiences:

Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel beckons guests to draw the curtains and embrace the extraordinary views of Tengchong’s distant mountains. The exquisite bedding and soft furnishings elevate the experience, with each chandelier showcasing different materials like rattan, handmade leather, cotton, linen, and solid wood. The attention to detail creates an ambiance of elegance and comfort, inviting visitors to touch and appreciate the fine craftsmanship.

The visionary behind the hotel, Zhang Can, views Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel as an opportunity to showcase the rich diversity of Yunnan. Recognizing the region’s multi-ethnic and multi-ecological features, he aims to interpret this tapestry of culture through spatial design. With a focus on friendship and collaboration, the hotel embraces a spirit of harmony, creating a space that resonates with the abundant possibilities of Tengchong.


Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel stands as a testament to the profound connection between nature and humanity. With its breathtaking location, thoughtful design, and commitment to providing exceptional experiences, the hotel offers a sanctuary where guests can escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in the splendor of Tengchong. Whether seeking relaxation, pleasure, enjoyment, or ease, this extraordinary hotel promises to unveil a wide realm of life, where time becomes visible and the true meaning of human existence comes to light.

Project Information

Project Name: Yue Bo Ban Shan HotspringHotel
Owner: YueboBanshan Hotel Management Company
Project Location: Tengchong, Yunnan

Architectural and Interior Lead Designer: Zhang Can CSD.DESIGN
Architectural Design Team: Lei Ting, Bai Yuesheng
Interior Design Team: CSD.DESIGN Tang Ting, Zhou Xiaohui, Guo Yuting, Liu Wenjing, Deng Yu, Yang Yan, Tang Jun, Wang Liangfen, MouShasha
Design Management: CSD.DESIGN Zhang Li

Lighting Design Team: Ou Mo Lighting, Shangbao Lighting
Interior Soft Furnishing Design and Implementation: CSD.DESIGN Tang Jia, Wei Ai, Yuan Minghong, Zhu Weiwei
Main Furniture Supplier: Zhuo Mu ZHUOMU, Chongqing Bi Tu Bi Furniture Co., Ltd.
Bedding Manufacturer: Belgium’s century-old Royal bedding Nill Spring
VI and Guidance System Design: KUI design | Nan Jinming

Project Director: Zhou Xiaodong
Interior Construction Unit: Hangzhou Donggualiang Decoration
Landscape Construction Unit: TengchongXinwen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Area: 7,500 square meters
Design Start Time: March 2020
Completion Time: March 2023
Project Photography: Wang Ting

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