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Green Architecture’s Urgent Quest For Cheaper, More Sustainable Energy

Over the years, an increasing number of disciplines have become interested in the concept of creating a sustainable environment. Green Architecture is one of these disciplines and its goal is to create green buildings. These ...

Idea Lab in Ciudad de México / by ARCO Arquitectura

Innovating, discovering, experiencing and acting are the main activities which will be held at i.d.e.a. Lab a new space for culture and creation designed by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea executed in Mexico City.

A'tolan House, Taiwan / by : Create+Think Design Studio

A’tolan is the word meaning, “a place with many rocks”, from the indigenous language of the natives on the east coast of Taiwan. It may also be interpreted as “piling of rocks”, “building wall with ...

BECYCLE Boutique Fitness Studio, Berlin / by Lien Tran

BECYCLE is the first Boutique Fitness Studio in Berlin, Europe’s clubbing capital, to offer “high energy” spinning classes with hi-tech bikes and a nightclub atmosphere featuring music from live DJs.

Izmir Transportation Hub / by Eray Carbajo

Eray Carbajo wins Honorable Mention award in National Competition for Izmir Transportation Integration Hub

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Category: Stores / Markets

Lafonce • Maxone — A Free Hall of Knowledge / by Gonverge Interior Design

Located at the center of China, Xi’an has been the capital of multiple dynasties for over 1,000 years and formed a profound cultural system. And it is now bearing the mission for the renaissance of the Chinese civilization and cultural confidence as an important place for education. Such background endows the city with the capability to incubate cultural and creative projects and pioneer in the culture and commerce integration.

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Rimowa Flagshipstore in Tokyo / by Labvert

Tokyo’s Ginza district is famous for its fine department stores and luxury brands. Soon, it will house a new attraction as the legendary German luggage manufacturer Rimowa will open a centrally located 500m2 flagship store. To perfectly present the suitcases with their iconic groove design, a store landscape has been created in which high-quality, Western design harmonizes with Japanese cultural traditions. This Zen-inspired shopping oasis is the creation of the Architecture and Design Studio Labvert, under the direction of Stephan Vary.

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MARLMARL Sanjo-Street Kyoto / by Atsushi Suzuki/TANSEISHA

Acclaimed for its abstract world view, MARLMARL is one of the most dynamic brands of originalbaby clothing in Japan today, and is continuing to expand in both domestic and overseas markets. We worked on interior design for the brand in conjunction with the opening of a new branch in the Sanjo-street district of Kyoto, Japan’s historic capital.

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SOGO Sports / by Alexander Wong Architects

“TREE OF LIFE” for SOGO Sports by Alexander Wong Architects

Inspired by Anya Hindmarch, Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma and Star Wars, “Sports Futura” for SOGO Sports is the recently completed original design in lifestyle shopping for sports from Alexander Wong Architects. Key features of this functional, modular, dynamic and innovative design include “Make-A-Shelf System” (or MASS) inspired by Anya Hindmarch’s “Build-A-Bag” System, Beton Brute Wall & Flooring inspired by Tadao Ando, “Tree of Life Ceiling” inspired by Kengo Kuma’s Starbucks Cafe, “Neon Kendo Interface” inspired by the romance of samurais, “Ball Ball Sky”, “Dynamic Triple Jump Gallery”, “Fluorescent Power Signage” and the “Giant Power Disc” Logo with Neon for SOGO Sports at the main point of arrival by escalators.

New Commission for Neil Tomlinson Architects at New Covent Garden Market

Neil Tomlinson Architects has been commissioned for a new stage of work at New Covent Garden Market in London’s Nine Elms, a scheme the practice has been involved with continually since its original masterplan for the market’s future development in 2011, which considered the 23ha site’s many component parts and overall relationship to the surrounding area. The area is currently undergoing a raft of landmark developments, from the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station and the new Northern Line tube network extension to the completion of the American Embassy and numerous Nine Elms residential developments. The next stage of work for the London-based practice at the market concerns the refurbishment of up to 50 railway arch spaces on the site, in a rolling programme that will complete over an 8-year period.

Shopping Centers are Being Reinvented for the 21st Century

Courtesy of Simon

The days when shopping centers placed importance on functionality over the needs of users are long gone. From retail workers to shoppers, the users of today expect far more than a space strewn with stores and a food court. They are on the hunt for a far more holistic experience: a place to not only shop but unwind from the rigours of their everyday lives, as well.

Contemporary shopping centers are the modern-day agoras, with many people gathered to enjoy a variety of leisure activities. When designing these kinds of setting nowadays, user-experience and overall habitability are key concepts, with the actual shopping itself moved to a secondary plane.

How To Create Retail Store Interiors That Get People To Purchase Your Products

Retail is detail. That is the oft-quoted wisdom among retail professionals when it comes to designing store operations. You only get one chance to win over a customer when they step into your store. It is, therefore, no surprise that creating a unique in-store customer experience that leaves a lasting first impression on a shopper is the holy grail of retail store design.

An attractive interior design is indispensable in not only enticing a customer to enter your store but also to get them to make purchases per trip.

Tips on Building an Attractive Retail Interior Design

• Large Window Displays

The goal behind designing a retail interior space is to attract shoppersinto the store. When a prospective walks by the store without any pre-meditated intention of entering in, the warm and colorful atmosphereinsideshooed be the main thing they see.
Human beings are visual creatures, and as such, a beautiful interior will trigger a subconscious choice to enter, even if it’s only to browse. Once inside the store, you can convert them into sales through offers designed to drive impulse purchases.

Metal Rainbow — Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou / by Wutopia Lab

Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou, designed by Yu Ting, is the newest one of its brand since the first opened five years ago. The new bookstore is divided into four main zones and several subdivided zones. Aiming to create a colorful new world by using symbolism, the architect gave a unique character to each zone: The Sanctuary of Crystal for new arrivals; The Cave of Fireflies for recommendations; The Xanadu of Rainbows for reading room; The Castle of Innocence for children books.