Choc-Tastic Workspace: Ritter Sport’s Sweet Transformation


Step into the chocolate-filled world of Ritter Sport, where the iconic square chocolate bars come to life not just on shelves but in a vibrant, innovative workspace. The confectionary business, based in Waldenbuch, Germany, has undergone a delightful transformation, blending its bold branding with architectural ingenuity. Let’s unwrap the layers of this delectable project and explore how ARGE architekten grebner + amann have crafted a workspace that’s as deliciously dynamic as the chocolates themselves.

1. From Wrapper to Workspace: The Design Concept

Ritter Sport’s distinctive color-blocking concept, known worldwide, serves as the muse for the spatial design. Just as each chocolate flavor is marked by its own vibrant hue, the workspace is infused with bold and impactful colors. The architectural firm has seamlessly translated Ritter Sport’s brand identity into a physical environment, creating an atmosphere that’s both inspiring and motivating. Think vibrant meeting spaces, dynamic workstations, and playful accents that evoke the spirit of the beloved chocolate bars.

2. Zoning for Productivity and Pleasure

The workspace is meticulously zoned to cater to the diverse needs of Ritter Sport’s 130 employees. From the ground-floor Chocolate Café, where guests can indulge in chocolate-infused treats, to the Dialogue Café one floor above, designed for informal exchanges between meetings, every space has a purpose. The Fernweh Café at the top offers a tranquil retreat, perfect for letting one’s gaze wander while savoring the views. This strategic zoning ensures that productivity and pleasure go hand in hand, fostering a work culture that’s as dynamic as it is delightful.

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3. Functionality with Flair: Meeting Innovation and Sustainability

Functionality meets flair in every corner of the workspace. The Marketplace, at the heart of the work world, doubles as a kitchen counter and a venue for large conferences and small events. The Chocolate and Cocoa Workshop, located next to the R&D department, invites employees to experiment with flavor creations, fostering a culture of innovation. But it’s not just about creativity; sustainability is woven into the fabric of the design. From eco-friendly materials to low-emission building products, every aspect of the workspace reflects Ritter Sport’s commitment to working in harmony with nature.


In the heart of Waldenbuch, amidst the scent of chocolate and the buzz of creativity, Ritter Sport’s new workspace stands as a testament to the power of design to inspire, innovate, and delight. Ritter Sport’s Schokozentrale is more than just a place to work; it’s a sweet symphony of productivity and pleasure, where every corner tells a story of chocolate, creativity, and collaboration.

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