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Green Architecture’s Urgent Quest For Cheaper, More Sustainable Energy

Over the years, an increasing number of disciplines have become interested in the concept of creating a sustainable environment. Green Architecture is one of these disciplines and its goal is to create green buildings. These ...

Idea Lab in Ciudad de México / by ARCO Arquitectura

Innovating, discovering, experiencing and acting are the main activities which will be held at i.d.e.a. Lab a new space for culture and creation designed by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea executed in Mexico City.

A'tolan House, Taiwan / by : Create+Think Design Studio

A’tolan is the word meaning, “a place with many rocks”, from the indigenous language of the natives on the east coast of Taiwan. It may also be interpreted as “piling of rocks”, “building wall with ...

BECYCLE Boutique Fitness Studio, Berlin / by Lien Tran

BECYCLE is the first Boutique Fitness Studio in Berlin, Europe’s clubbing capital, to offer “high energy” spinning classes with hi-tech bikes and a nightclub atmosphere featuring music from live DJs.

Izmir Transportation Hub / by Eray Carbajo

Eray Carbajo wins Honorable Mention award in National Competition for Izmir Transportation Integration Hub

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Category: Sculptures / Installations

Superior Project near Florence – Italy / by AQUILIALBERG ARCHITECTS

Analyzing the past and present of the Superior Tannery we have chosen to develop the architectural project starting from two inputs directly linked to the skin: its structure, that is a three-dimensional interweaving of fibers at the mercy of tensions and the fascinating fragmentation of the aerial ribbons a chain on which the hides are hung in the various processing processes.

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JACOB’S LADDER, Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park, New Zealand / by Gerry Judah

JACOB’S LADDER is a new sculpture by Gerry Judah for Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park, New Zealand.

Gibbs Farm is a thousand-acre open-air sculpture park in Kaipara Harbour, near Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. It features over thirty monumental sculptures from a roll-call of top international contemporary artists including Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor and Andy Goldsworthy.

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Central Feature at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 / by Gerry Judah

The latest sculpture by Gerry Judah for the Central Feature at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 displays five Formula One cars chosen to celebrate Bernie Ecclestone’s career and involvement in Grand Prix racing.

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Showroom Talsee AG, Switzerland / by Burkard Meyer and Konform AG

Architectural installation, rain in interiors. This last installation with the original metal chain curtains KriskaDECOR it’s been displayed looking like raining in the interiors of the bathrooms showroom of Talsee, in Switzerland.

Showroom Talsee AG,  Switzerland / by  Burkard Meyer and Konform AG

For the new showroom for the bathroom furniture company Talsee, the Swiss architecture firm Burkard Meyer required an innovative installation of chains hanging from the ceiling. Following the architect’s creative brief, KriskaDECOR created a new modular system for the project.

Jewels exhibiton – Dynamic Complexity · Oscar Abba in Elche, Spain / by La ballena imantada · Art Agency & ESTUDIOarn · architects

Jewels exhibiton – Dynamic Complexity · Oscar Abba

It was the first time that a municipal hall offered a contemporary jewelry exhibition. The City Council of Elche gave us the complete management of the exhibition, from the selection of pieces to the communication of the event.

We had at our disposal three free floors. The ground floor, with a surface area of 77 m2 and 5 meters high, acts as a big hall and visible attraction to visitors, who necessarily have to go through the upper floors to continue the visit. The other two floors are 145 m2 and 2,50 meters high each one, which is friendlier in terms of human scale.

Podčetrtek Traffic Circle, Slovenia / by ENOTA

Podčetrtek Traffic Circle, Slovenia / by  ENOTA
© Miran Kambič

The Podčetrtek Traffic Circle is built on a regional road located between the municipal sports hall with open-air sports grounds on one side and a spa centre with numerous swimming pools and hotels on the other side. It is primarily intended to slow down the traffic in this consequently very busy area as the main accesses to both complexes also connect to the traffic circle. The design of the roundabout’s central island thus references the appearance of both facilities and marks the entrance points to the destinations of the visitors to either of the programme centers.

Inhabitable Sculpture / by Jean-Maxime Labrecque

Inhabitable Sculpture / by Jean-Maxime Labrecque

© Frédéric Bouchard

The “inhabitable sculpture” project, which received two awards at the Grands prix du design 2011, is the result of four years of work executed by numerous fabrication and installation teams. Two premises were established by the client at the beginning of the project: “a space that people will find cold” and “living in an art gallery.” All designers hope, sooner or later, to obtain such a commission, which enables them to avoid subjecting their work to the obvious sacrosanct “warmth” obtained through wood.

Quattro Punti per una Torre / by Massimo Iosa Ghini

© Andrea Martiradonna

“We have a way of designing and making things that comes from thousands of years of history. This idea of inheritance is tied to the tradition, namely the tower. I asked myself: what do we inherit? Ourselves, our cities, the way we live in these cities. One of the most specific typologies of our culture is the tower of the nobles, which becomes civic: an Italian project, because I wanted to work on a very strong feature, part of our identity. The tower is a way to build in blocks, typical of the Latin world, while openings lit with LEDs convey the idea of technology.” = Massimo Iosa Ghini.