Palau Fugit: Girona’s Chic Historic Haven

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Project Highlights

Partners: Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo, Lucas Echeveste Lacy
Team leaders: Daniel Trujillo, Ricard Fabregat
Photography: Salva Lopez

Client: Marta Granés + Stéphane Rouze
Architecture: Isern Associats
Engineering: Impros
Special Fixtures and Furniture: Martinez Otero

General Construction: Tecgi
Lighting Distributor: Ca2l
Art: Frederic Amat, Joana Santamans, Andrea Torres
Furniture Distributor: Idees

A Creative Transformation by EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

El Equipo Creativo recently unveiled its masterpiece, Palau Fugit Hotel, nestled in the heart of Girona’s enchanting Barri Vell. The award-winning design studio breathed new life into an 18th-century palace, seamlessly blending history with contemporary allure.

Embracing ‘Two Gironas’ in Design

Drawing inspiration from the contrasting facets of Girona, El Equipo Creativo embraced the ‘two Gironas’ concept. The Barri Vell’s weathered stone facades and hidden cul-de-sacs merged with the vibrant colors of the River Onyar, creating a hotel that reflects the city’s charm. Modern art and crafted objects add a touch of surprise to this captivating destination.

Unveiling the Architecture of Palau Fugit

Palau Fugit unfolds in two distinct parts, a meticulous adaptation by the Barcelona-based architecture studio Isern Associats. ‘La Placeta,’ the arched courtyard, hosts the reception, restaurant, and a hidden spa. The second building, ‘Pavelló,’ connects to the original palauet through a terrace, offering a serene oasis with a pool, lush ferns, and an exquisite sculpture by local artist Frederic Amat.

Sumptuous Rooms and Social Spaces

El Palauet’s rooms, a blend of contemporary design and fin de siècle elegance, feature gothic arches and porticoes, paying homage to Girona’s Barri Vell. The palette of natural stone shades and soft hues creates a rich visual experience, while El Pavelló embraces the Mediterranean’s ‘la dolce vita’ with terracotta tones, handmade ceramics, and wood elements.

Casa Heras, the hotel’s restaurant, and social spaces like El Salon and La Biblioteca showcase modern art and thoughtful design, providing a perfect balance of history and modernity. La Placeta, with its zesty-colored furniture, serves as a vibrant meeting place, emphasizing the hotel’s commitment to reintroducing the palace to the social life of Girona.


Palau Fugit Hotel, a collaboration between El Equipo Creativo and Isern Associats, stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of history and modern luxury. With its captivating design, sumptuous rooms, and vibrant social spaces, it offers a unique and welcoming base to experience the rich history and culture of Girona. Come, discover the charms of Palau Fugit and immerse yourself in the allure of this enchanting destination.

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