Chapultepec Polanco Tower, Mexico City / by SPACE

Chapultepec Polanco Tower / by Juan Carlos Baumgartner

The project aims to develop a building 22 floors above sidewalk level of which 17 floors will be house offices. The ground floor will be used for the reception, elevator and service core, as well as a mixed-use shopping and office area. It has car parking on 6 basement levels and on 4 upper levels (levels above the lobby).  The roof level is used as a green area and has a helipad. With a constructed area of ​​77,000 m2 the building will have a highly significant urban presence.

The challenge of the project was to design a high performance and sustainable building, for this reason LEED certification was sought and in the coming days the building will receive Gold level LEED pre-certification.

Chapultepec Polanco Tower / by Juan Carlos Baumgartner

SPACE was selected to design the building to the highest international standards and in an efficient manner to achieve energy savings of about 30% against the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) baseline.
The project was conceptualized from the inside out understanding the outside as a logical consequence of what takes place inside and its relationship to the environment and the urban context.

Chapultepec Polanco Tower / by Juan Carlos Baumgartner

The building was “sculpted” using energy simulations, putting out of shape and reshaping each of the façade and each façade was run through simulations resulting in the overall most efficient combination from an energy standpoint.

As a result of this innovative design process it has a main façade broken into three folds that protect it from sunlight heating and in turn each fold unfolds to give a sense of movement to the façade.

Chapultepec Polanco Tower / by Juan Carlos Baumgartner

The interior of the building is obsessively modulated to achieve efficiencies in the interior regardless of the specific requirements of each user.
In the design process SPACE generated countless internal adaptation exercises which were superimposed to define the common elements and the best modulation.

The air conditioning system by Chill Beams is one of the first projects in Mexico to have this cooling solution, a system widely used in Europe just now beginning to gain acceptance in countries like Mexico. The system has proven itself to be highly efficient and has generated energy saving benefits for buildings.

Chapultepec Polanco Tower / by Juan Carlos Baumgartner

Additionally, the building was designed with the use of rapidly renewable materials in mind, all interiors are fitted with low-VOC materials, and a high level of recycled material.

As part of the proposal, the building will have two green roof areas to help mitigate the “heat island” effect and also part of the main façade will have one of the largest vertical gardens of Mexico City.

Chapultepec Polanco Tower
Juan Carlos Baumgartner LEED AP /
Humberto Gloria

Design Team:
Jimena Fernández LEED AP
María Elena Galván
Francisco Montoya
Giovanni Oteiza
Lighting: LUA, Kai Diederichsen
Conditioning Air: Hight Tech services
Commissioning: AKF

CIVITA, Rubén Moron

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