Exploring Cité Angus II: A Sustainable Oasis in Montreal

Project Highlights

Client: Société de Développement Angus
Architect and Interior Designer: Ædifica
General Contractor: Sidcan
Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: Desjardins Experts Conseils

Energy loop: Energere
Fire Protection Services: Les Services de P.I. CP inc.
Landscape Architecture: NIP Paysage
LEED for Homes Consultant: Écohabitation

Structural Engineering: Leroux+Cyr
Photos: David Boyer Photographe
Net Surface Area: 38 000 m²


Welcome to Cité Angus II, a vibrant multi-residential project nestled within Montreal’s Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie district. Seamlessly blending urban living with sustainable design, Cité Angus II stands as a testament to innovative architecture and community-centric living. Let’s take a closer look at this eco-friendly oasis and discover how it’s reshaping the cityscape.

1. Design and Architecture

At the heart of Cité Angus II lies its architectural marvel. Designed by the acclaimed firm Ædifica, this 6-storey building boasts 88 condominium units and two commercial spaces, carefully crafted to integrate with the surrounding urban fabric. The project’s unique challenge? Blending in seamlessly with the diverse building context while maximizing space on a compact site. However, with innovative design solutions, such as an inner courtyard and a network of exterior passageways, Cité Angus II not only meets but exceeds expectations.

2. Sustainability at Its Core

Cité Angus II isn’t just another residential complex – it’s a sustainable haven. Certified LEED Neighbourhood Development Platinum, this project embodies eco-conscious living. From the choice of materials to the energy-efficient systems, every aspect of Cité Angus II is designed with sustainability in mind. The integration of an energy loop reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 26%, showcasing the project’s commitment to combatting climate change. Moreover, the emphasis on natural light and green spaces enhances the overall well-being of residents, creating a truly holistic living experience.

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3. Functionality and Versatility

What sets Cité Angus II apart is its focus on versatility and adaptability. Recognizing the evolving needs of modern families, the housing units are designed to cater to a diverse range of lifestyles. Whether it’s multi-level units, walk-through layouts, or access via exterior corridors, every space is thoughtfully planned to promote inclusivity and accessibility. Additionally, the integration of commercial spaces on the ground floor adds convenience to residents, fostering a sense of community within the complex.

4. Community and Connectivity

Beyond its architectural brilliance, Cité Angus II prioritizes community engagement and connectivity. The inner courtyard serves as a focal point for social interaction, offering residents a tranquil retreat amidst the bustling city. The inclusion of pedestrian walkways and public spaces encourages active mobility, fostering a sense of belonging among residents. Moreover, the project’s proximity to amenities such as green spaces, restaurants, and local shops further enhances the overall quality of life, making Cité Angus II more than just a place to live – it’s a thriving community hub.


In conclusion, Cité Angus II represents a new paradigm in urban living. With its sustainable design, functional layout, and vibrant community, it sets a benchmark for future residential developments. As Montreal continues to evolve, projects like Cité Angus II remind us of the importance of creating spaces that not only reflect our values but also enrich the lives of those who call them home.

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