Norlana: NEOM’s Vision for a Coastal Wellness Haven

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Breaking Ground in Northwest Saudi Arabia

NEOM, the avant-garde regional developer, has unveiled its latest jewel, Norlana, a cutting-edge active lifestyle community, designed by the renowned 10 Design. Nestled along the Gulf of Aqaba’s picturesque coastline, Norlana is set to redefine modern living, seamlessly blending contemporary luxury with innovative technology.

A Coastal Oasis for 3,000 Exclusive Residents

Norlana, a masterpiece within NEOM’s portfolio, comprises 711 residential properties, offering a diverse range of living spaces. From deluxe mansions to spacious apartments and beach villas integrated with the surrounding dunes, Norlana provides its 3,000 residents a unique connection to serene nature.

Luxury Redefined: A 120-Berth Marina and Superyacht Members Club

The heart of Norlana beats with a state-of-the-art 120-berth marina, poised to become an international hub for superyachts. Water taxi services cater to the convenience of residents and guests, while the superyacht members club promises a haven for yachting enthusiasts, offering exceptional dining experiences with breathtaking waterfront views.

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Active Living in Nature’s Embrace

Nestled among rugged mountains, Norlana unveils a spectacular 18-hole golf course, complemented by a world-class equestrian and polo center. The community’s amenities extend to a diverse array of water sports, inviting residents and guests to immerse themselves in sailing and diving, all within the embrace of the breathtaking natural environment.

Wellness and Sustainability: A Harmonious Blend

Norlana stands as a testament to NEOM’s commitment to conservation. Designed to harmonize with its coastal location, the community prioritizes innovation and sustainability. By preserving the surrounding land and marine environments, Norlana embodies the pinnacle of ultra-luxury modern living, seamlessly integrating nature and technology.

In alignment with NEOM’s broader vision, Norlana joins the ranks of sustainable tourism destinations like Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, and Utamo, all nestled along the Gulf of Aqaba. As Norlana takes its place on the landscape, it promises a future where wellness, luxury, and sustainability converge in a seamless tapestry, setting a new benchmark for contemporary living.

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