Future Fun: Pioneering Odyssey at Dubai’s Museum!

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Project Highlights

Client: Dubai Future Foundation
Project Address: Museum of the Future
Street, house number: Sheikh Zayed Rd. 77
City: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates
Web address: https://www.museumofthefuture.ae
Exhibition Area: 3.000 sqm
Opening Date: 22.02.22

A Visionary Design Unveiled

ATELIER BRÜCKNER proudly presents “Journey of the Pioneers,” a groundbreaking exhibition spanning three floors and 3,000 square meters at The Museum of the Future in Dubai. This iconic architectural masterpiece, designed by Killa Design, beckons visitors on a futuristic expedition.

Immersive Experiences Across Floors

Each floor of the museum offers an immersive experience, narrating compelling stories of the future. From life in space to bioengineering and ecosystem regeneration, and individual wellbeing, visitors are transported into a world of possibilities. The first floor hosts a playful ‘Future Heroes’ exhibition designed for children up to 12 years old.

Architectural Marvel of the Future

The Museum of the Future’s distinctive silver ring exterior adorned with spiraling calligraphy captivates onlookers along Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed road. Reflecting the visionary stance of the Sheikh, the museum symbolizes a belief that the future is created, not awaited.

Interactive Expedition into 2071

Inside, the “Journey of the Pioneers” exhibition catapults visitors to the year 2071. A high-speed space capsule transports them to the OSS Hope space station, where pioneers are recruited for a mission to harness the sun’s energy from the moon and power Earth. Despite remarkable progress, challenges persist, inviting visitors to contribute to solutions.

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