Art on Wheels: MuMo’s Mobile Marvel!

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In an exciting collaboration between Hérault Arnod Architectures and artist Krijn de Koning, a groundbreaking project has been unveiled— a mobile museum truck for the MUMO association and the Centre Pompidou. This innovative creation aims to redefine the museum experience, taking art to the streets and engaging diverse audiences across France and beyond.

Rolling Art: The Truck’s Grand Entrance

As the truck museum rolls into village squares, parking lots, and parks, it transforms into a spectacle reminiscent of fairground architecture on wheels. The arrival is met with fanfare, setting the stage for an immersive cultural experience.

Three Spaces, One Journey: The Museum’s Layout

The mobile museum boasts three distinct spaces—The Loggia, The Exhibition Room, and The Alcove—each designed to enhance the visitor’s experience.

  1. The Loggia: A Prelude to Art:
    The loggia serves as an elevated prelude to the exhibition room, functioning as a sheltered area for discussions, coat checks, and group gatherings. In winter, it transforms into a cozy space protected by a translucent curtain, ensuring visitors’ comfort in all weather conditions. The loggia also doubles as an outdoor stage for performances and concerts, showcasing the versatility of this mobile marvel.
  2. The Exhibition Room: Showcasing Artistry:
    The heart of the facility, the exhibition room, offers a refined space for showcasing art. Carefully designed to eliminate visual disturbances, it provides a smooth, white canvas for art appreciation. Hanging conditions mimic traditional museums, with artwork fixed directly onto walls equipped with a damping system to absorb vibrations, ensuring the safety of the displayed masterpieces.
  3. The Alcove: Transformable Art Space:
    The alcove, an extension of the exhibition room, is a versatile space conceived by Krijn de Koning. Whether it serves as a projection room, a host space for sculptures, or an interactive work of art, the alcove adds a dynamic dimension to the mobile museum.

Artistic Flair: Furniture and Color Palette

Beyond its functionality, the truck museum stands as a remarkable pictorial and sculptural work. Artist Krijn de Koning has meticulously curated the color palette, infusing vibrancy into each facet.

  1. Colorful Loggia Unveiled

    The loggia unfolds to reveal a bright red interior, contrasting with the green facade. This splash of color not only captivates but also delineates the welcoming space that connects with the public realm.

  2. Artful Alcove: A Play of Greens
    The alcove embraces a colorful transformation with different shades of green, creating a lively atmosphere that contrasts with the pristine white of the exhibition room.
  3. Seating in Style: Colorful Furniture Ensemble
    The furniture, a seamless extension of the color research work, features surfaces painted in vibrant shades. Parallelepipeds in red for the loggia and green for the alcove provide both functionality and aesthetics, creating an inviting space for visitors.


MuMo x Centre Pompidou’s mobile art experience transcends traditional museum boundaries, bringing cultural richness to diverse communities. This innovative project is not just a museum on wheels; it’s a vibrant, dynamic, and accessible celebration of art for all. Stay tuned as this rolling masterpiece takes the joy of artistic exploration to unexpected places.

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