The Exterior Facelift: Transforming Your Home’s First Impression

A home’s exterior is the first thing people notice when they arrive. Making smart upgrades to the outside of your house can completely transform its curb appeal and create a welcoming first impression for visitors. From minor cosmetic changes to more intensive renovations, there are many ways to give your home’s exterior a fresh look.

Giving a home’s exterior a makeover in Seattle’s temperate climate provides visual appeal and practical benefits. Strategic upgrades like siding replacement improve insulation against cold weather while creating a welcoming curb appeal. With median home prices around $829k, exterior renovations that maximize resale value are a wise investment. A refreshed exterior stands out, makes better first impressions on buyers, and adds protectiveness against the rainy weather.

1. Replace Siding

Seattle’s climate is the main cause for an exterior facelift of homes. These weather conditions can be harsh on exterior building materials like wood or composite siding. In such situations, while a fresh coat of paint can do wonders, sometimes you need Seattle siding replacement experts to revive the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Replacing worn-out or damaged siding with new vinyl or fiber cement boards or new siding also provides improved insulation to make your home more energy efficient. When planning a siding replacement, carefully inspect all sides of your home to determine the areas that need new siding.

Prioritize the most visible front and side facades first. Consider mixing materials like wood shakes with vinyl lap siding for visual interest. Select siding colors that complement your home’s existing color scheme. Also, hire an experienced siding contractor to handle the removal and installation work.

2. Plan Your Exterior Remodel

Giving your home’s exterior a makeover can completely transform its look and feel. However, careful planning is critical to ensuring your remodel goes smoothly and achieves the vision you have in mind.

First, decide what your main goals are. Do you want to update the siding, paint color, windows, and shutters? You may need to replace damaged sections. Determine the scope of work so you can get accurate estimates. Look at photos online or in remodeling magazines to get inspired by materials and color schemes that enhance your home’s architectural style.

With any big home project, budgeting properly is critical. Get several bids and leave a cushion for unexpected issues. Securing financing ahead of time is wise, too. By thoroughly planning out your exterior remodel with clear goals, budgets, timelines, and organization, your project can proceed smoothly and completely transform the face of your home with excellent results.

3. Welcoming First Impressions Through Entryways and Doors

The front door area creates one of the biggest first impressions of your home’s exterior. A worn front door or dingy entranceway screams for an update. Paint or stain your front door in a bold, cheery color to attract attention. Install new exterior lighting fixtures by the entrance to brighten things up. Clear out overgrown landscaping and add potted plants or flowers to frame the entryway.

Add a new screen or front door with updated hardware for extra style points. These simple upgrades can completely transform your home’s welcome. Refinish or replace your front door and sidelights with a new fiberglass or steel entry system for a more dramatic change. Seek out options with decorative glass inserts or modern hardware.

Widen existing entryways by replacing bulky frame trim with more minimal casing. Install new path lighting leading up to your front door—plant eye-catching specimen trees like Japanese maples or knockout roses to better frame the entry. Repave or install a new walkway with pavers or stained concrete.

4. Enhancing Your Exterior with Gardens

Strategically placed gardens, plants, and trees can take your home’s exterior appeal to the next level. Add flower beds with bright blooms near your entryway or front walkway. Place large potted plants on your porch or deck to define the space. Hang baskets overflowing with flowers under eaves and LED lighting. Frame your home with foundation plantings or privacy trees and shrubs.

A lush garden increases your home’s exterior beauty. Focus on low-maintenance ever-green plants that provide color from spring to fall. Similarly, incorporate native plants to reduce watering needs. Design beds to complement your home’s style. Curved, informal beds work well with cottages, while symmetrical rectangular beds suit colonial styles. So, keep these styles in mind before working on them. Invest in hardscaping like stone walls and pathways to add structure.

5. Exterior Paint and Color

A fresh coat of exterior paint can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. Carefully choose new colors that coordinate with your home’s style, whether elegant neutrals or a bold, eye-catching hue—power wash siding before painting to remove dirt and create the best adhesion. Use high-quality exterior paint formulated for your region’s climate.

Add special touches like contrasting colors on your front door to make it pop. Paint offers an affordable way to give your exterior an entirely new personality. When selecting an exterior color scheme, consider the style and era of your home. Colonial or craftsman homes suit lighter earth tones, while Victorians can pull off deeper, more saturated hues.

Paint several swatches on your home’s siding and view them at different times of day before finalizing your choices. For greater interest, use one color on the main siding with secondary paint on the trim and accents. Hire professional painters who properly prep and prime the surfaces before applying two finish coats.

6. Lighting and Other Details

The little details often take your home’s exterior style to the next level. Update old exterior lighting fixtures with new black, bronze, or stainless options. You can add landscape lighting along pathways and trees to create drama. Repaint, repair, or replace deck and porch railings as needed.

Evaluate what minor fixes could make a significant visual impact. Pull together your exterior with a cohesive style through lighting fixtures, hardware, and accents. In the same way, you can enhance porch and deck areas by installing new ceiling fans and pendant lights. And by adding a fresh coat of stain or paint to railings and benches.


You can transform your home’s exterior from drab to dramatic with the right improvements. Carefully plan updates that enhance your home’s unique architecture and create a beautiful exterior space. A revitalized exterior boosts your home’s curb appeal and makes a stunning first impression.

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