Sustainable Manufactured Homes Gaining Traction: Stylish Trends Making Waves

There are 22 million people living in manufactured homes on 4.2 million estimated home sites in the US. Manufactured and prefab structures are alternative affordable housing schemes that not only provide shelter but are also built stylishly. Gone are the days when manufactured homes were viewed as compromises to traditional houses. From solar panels and rainwater collection to floor heating and reinforced windows, prefab units have completely undergone a transformation in its architectural design.

Stylish and Functional: From Trailer to Home

There’s practically nothing in a conventional home that you can’t replicate in a manufactured home. The perception that prefab homes are just trailers does not apply anymore. Nowadays, mobile homes may be fitted with stainless appliances and granite countertops or have open kitchen and dining rooms. A porch and a carport are easy additions that you can include in your design.

Using the same materials throughout the home gives it cohesion and installing plenty of windows for illumination and the illusion of space make it welcoming. The best part is it costs less and building it is faster since it is done off-site.

Smart Homes Are Favored

Manufactured homes have the distinct advantage that you can use pre-existing floor plans or customize them according to your tastes. If you are a technology lover, your future house could be wired from the start to accommodate smart appliances and even assistive technologies.

Fitting low-energy windows and doors, insulation on the walls and roof and installing a belly all help in reducing electricity bills. Solar panels on the roof can fill a huge part of your energy needs such as heating water for showers. A rain collection system also makes use of valuable water to irrigate gardens, clean driveways or flush toilets. From controlling lights and heating to running the dishwasher and firing up the grill, a smart manufactured home is convenient, comfortable and sustainable.

Prefab Houses Are Affordable

The cost of home ownership in the US is prohibitive and many people are realizing this. Everyone is getting a piece of the action as the average cost per square foot of a manufactured home is smaller at $51.26 compared to site-built homes at $107.18. Its value can appreciate over time depending on several factors such as location, community, condition or age. Like any piece of property, a prefab structure can also be used as a source of financing when you tap into your equity. This money can be used for repairs, upgrades, pay mortgage balances or put into savings making manufactured homes sound investments.

Purchasing a manufactured home is a reasonable alternative to traditional housing. Recent trends indicate that many potential homeowners see the advantages of buying one because of its affordability and the ability to customize it into smart and sustainable dwellings.

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