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And they’ve set up their very own embassy in inner city Sydney! The new embassy was designed by LAVA, with partners Will O'Rourke and The Glue Society, as a fusion of a whale, a rocket ...

© Christos Drazos

Plinthos Pavilion / by mab architects

The Plinthos Pavilion is built using 21816 clay bricks to make a continuous floor and walls. Usually hidden perforated sides of the bricks are exposed thus creating permeable surface.

Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Pop Music Center, Taiwan / by MADE IN

Situated in the taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, the project proposes a responsible urbanism based on the heterogeneity of the program, on the urban porosity and on the adaptability to the different situations and events.

Triangular House, Ecuador / by WE Architecture

The starting point of the project was to create a house around a patio as we know it from a lot of colonial style housing. By triangulating the house we minimized the distances from 1 ...

© Javier Rodríguez

Viewpoint Emerging Dining, Chile / by Javier Rodríguez Acevedo

The project was built using wood waste bins, impregnated poles, raschel mesh, river rocks, and wire recycling. It seeks no more than resolve a request from the rural, through the material and the ...

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Category: Urbans

MLA+ Felixx consortium wins the Bao’an Urban Design Competition in Shenzhen China


MLA+ in collaboration with Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners and Chinese partners China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) and Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute has won the first prize in the design competition for the regeneration of the area along the G107 highway in Bao’an district in Shenzhen. The other competing teams consisted of Nikken Sekkei, KCAP, OMA and ISA- Internationales Stadtbauatelier.

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Warsaw Chopin Airport City / by Arup

(C)Polish Airports

  • New 13.27ha city next to Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • The new city will be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with the principles of sustainable development

Arup has been appointed to develop a new 13.27ha city next to Warsaw Chopin Airport, one of the largest and most modern airports in Central Europe.

The new office and retail development will involve the construction of 17 A-class office buildings, including conference halls, offices and service complex comprising of four connected buildings. The design also includes car parks, food-courts, green areas with car and pedestrian access.

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The New City Of El-Menia, Constantine, Algeria / by Exp + Lemay

The New City Of El-Menia, Constantine, Algeria / by Exp + Lemay

After a global competition, the joint venture formed by exp, Canadian firm of multidisciplinary consultants, and lemay, one of the most important integrated design services firms in Canada, has made history in Quebec industry by winning an international competition launched by the Agence de gestion et de régulation foncière urbaine de la Wilaya de Constantine in Algeria. This competition aimed at the realisation of a major project in the city of Constantine, Algeria, of approximately $ 2.4 billion ($ 2.4B), including $1.57 billion ($1.57B) devoted to the residential sector.

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Masterplan of Downtown Lexington, Kentucky / by JDS and Diana Balmori

Masterplan of Downtown Lexington, Kentucky / by  JDS and  Diana Balmori

JDS teamed up with Diana Balmori for an invited competition to rethink Downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The project establishes, around the dayligthting of the Towns Branch Commons creek, a series of potential developments, among others the renovation of the Rupp Arena by Spacegroup and a proposal to turn its surrounding neighborhood into a hybrid of park and mix programs to boost its living qualities. See the details of proposal here.


WAF 2012 Winner ‘FP Masterplanning’ : Heart of Doha scheme, Qatar / by a Team Led by AECOM

A team led by AECOM is the winner of the future projects masterplanning award for the Msheireb Heart of Doha project in Qatar. The judges praised the project as ‘a fine-grained masterplan stitched in to the existing fabric of Doha’. It was, they said, ‘a creative, modernist interpretation of traditional arabic urbanism’ and ‘a great prototype for Middle Eastern urbanism’.

Sustainable Strategy for Nowa Huta in Cracov / by BudCud

Nowa Huta Of The Future in Kraków, Pl / by BudCud

Booklet for tourists promotes ‘Cracov in 3 days’. Our strategy for Nowa Huta of The Future has a potential of extending the offer even for one more week, engaging new groups of potential investors and a the residents of whole region. Nowa Huta of The Future is a brand new direction on touristic and recreational map of Cracov.

Data Driven City / by Mekano Studio

Mekano studio want to share with You their last Project In An international Competition in Egypt and they got awarded and was chosen second best project and was regarded the best project by the organizers and the audience. The competition is an initiative that argues the people to take their own decisions and to leave the 5% of the lands in egypt and go to live in the 95% lands of Egypt, with a theme of, Taking Leave… The competition focuses on the revolution – 25 january – and how we can benefit from it , and how it reflects the architectural design process and the final result which led us to create a massive square in a new city called 25 january to prevail the democracy in a new smart city.

25 January 2011

The Revolution that inspired millions of people inside and outside of Egypt, the Day that every Egyptian Started to feel the humanity, the first day of the new era, the day that all the world will remember as the day that all the Egyptians earned their Freedom.

-Revolution On The Human psyche
It wasn’t a political revolution only, there was something that been risen and grown inside each one who took part in this great incident that turned into festival, something that turned the revolution into a starting point for a new era, with new gradients that needs to be combined together with caution in order to achieve the right and requested results, People wants to feel honoured and living freely with a new vision and a different treatment to their mind, to be treated like real humans.

New Helsinki Waterfront / by DCPP arquitectos


The South Harbour district of Helsinki needs to reclaim its connection to the sea. In doing so it will offer much-needed revitalization to a local community, and provide the city an architectural symbol that proclaims its status as cultural capital.

With this in mind, we sought to create a dynamic urban zone that is an edge condition between the natural and the artificial environment. Our proposal is an urban spine which acts as a nexus for three primary systems: water, parks, and built environment. Each system interpenetrates into its adjacencies, creating a dynamic and fluid urban stage that allows for multiple tempos and maximum performance.