Bintaro Jaya West District Master Plan: Resilient Urban Living

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Project Data

Name : Bintaro Jaya West District Master Plan
Location : Tangerang, Java, Indonesia
Client : Jaya Real Property
Scope by 10 Design : Master Planning, Urban Design

Planning Area : 362,000 sqm (36.2 hectares)
Status : Planning Complete 2023

10 Design Team

Design Principal | Peter Barrett
Architecture | Leonard Kawun, Hafizh Adinugraha, Toy Petchdee, Erwin Setiawan, Octa Wardhana
Visualisation by KOMA

In a remarkable stride towards redefining urban living and fostering sustainability, 10 Design has unveiled an innovative master plan for Bintaro Jaya West District in South Tangerang, Indonesia. Positioned as the western gateway to the emerging economic hub of Bintaro Jaya Township, this visionary 36-hectare greenfield development is set to become a beacon of resilient and community-centric urban design.

A Glimpse into the Vision

Located along the picturesque Bintaro Boulevard, a mere 15 kilometers from Jakarta’s bustling Central Business District, Bintaro Jaya West District embodies a paradigm shift in the concept of ‘living locally.’ Rooted in the principles of the 15-minute city framework, the master plan is a celebration of walkability, forging an environment that invites residents and visitors to deeply engage with their surroundings.

Architectural Marvels and Design Concepts

At the heart of this visionary design lies “The Oval,” a sprawling publicly accessible green space. Anchored by a grand lawn and multi-functional landscaped amphitheaters, The Oval emerges as a vibrant nucleus for communal activities, ranging from musical performances to artistic displays. This meticulously crafted space not only connects the local community but also serves as an embodiment of 10 Design‘s commitment to sustainable and inclusive design.

The master plan ingeniously interlaces a diverse array of elements, including cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, interactive water gardens, and captivating public artworks, seamlessly integrating them into the fabric of the community. Elevated pedestrian walkways offer panoramic 360-degree vistas, beckoning visitors to explore the multifaceted experiences that Bintaro Jaya West District has to offer.

Nature’s Embrace and Resilience

One of the master plan’s defining features is the intricate network of greenways, parklands, and linear parks that seamlessly weave through the urban expanse. Existing water bodies, including rivers and creeks, have been thoughtfully preserved and imaginatively integrated, ushering in recreational opportunities such as waterfront leisure and riverside promenades. This cohesive urban tapestry is intrinsically linked to the wider Bintaro cycling loop, offering residents an immersive connection with nature.

The master plan’s architectural brilliance extends to its resilience measures, a vital consideration in an era of changing climates and extreme weather events. Open green spaces, including the iconic Oval, play a dual role as a dry pond system, deftly managing stormwater and local flooding while facilitating groundwater recharge.

A Vision for Tomorrow, Under Construction Today

The groundwork for Bintaro Jaya West District‘s transformational journey has already been laid, with construction on supporting infrastructure commencing in early 2023. As the vision unfolds, this ambitious undertaking is poised to redefine urban living, offering a blueprint for sustainable coexistence where the boundaries between work, leisure, and nature harmoniously blur.

In sum, 10 Design’s master plan for Bintaro Jaya West District stands as a testament to visionary architecture and urban design, transcending traditional paradigms to craft a resilient, vibrant, and interconnected community. With a keen focus on the architectural marvels and design concepts, this transformative endeavor is poised to set new benchmarks for sustainable living, inviting the world to experience the future of urbanity today.

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