Zurich’s Cozy Gem: L329 Apartments by Rossetti+Wyss

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Project Highlights

Rentable surface 660m2
Building size 5’356m3

In the heart of Zurich’s dynamic architectural landscape, Rossetti+Wyss Architects proudly unveil the exquisite Apartment Building L329. This remarkable structure, nestled in a neighborhood defined by diverse architectural granulation and lush green spaces, effortlessly replaces a 1930s apartment building with a modern touch.

Blending Tradition with Modernity

The architects at Rossetti+Wyss skillfully ensured that the new building seamlessly integrates with its surroundings in terms of grain and volume. Comprising seven apartments, a street-level commercial space, and a rear parking garage, the design respects the existing context while embracing contemporary living needs.

Rhythmic Structure and Green Harmony

Despite offering increased living space, the building’s volume gracefully fits within the verdant urban landscape along Limmattalstrasse. The architects played with facade ends, introducing subtle bends that break up the building’s dimensions. This architectural finesse enhances the rhythmic structure and mediates with the neighboring properties.

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Sustainable Living at its Core

Beyond aesthetics, sustainability takes center stage in Apartment Building L329. The design incorporates a pitched roof, echoing respect for tradition and seamlessly blending with the neighborhood. The topographical embedding ensures a natural flow in the surroundings, while qualitative green spaces complement local conditions.

The building’s sustainable concept extends to technical installations, prioritizing reduced energy consumption through thermal heating and rooftop electricity production. Opaque panels, thoughtfully designed to prevent reflections, contribute to an eco-friendly approach that harmonizes with the environment.

Simple Elegance in Form and Function

The architectural expression of Apartment Building L329 embraces simplicity and homogeneity. The facades exude a clarified and calm appearance, treating all six sides uniformly with nuanced variations. Wooden panels between vertical pilasters create captivating shadow effects and light reflections, infusing the structure with a lively ambiance.

Windows of varying proportions adorn the facades, while loggias strategically seek southern exposure, seamlessly blending into the building’s geometry. The design avoids cantilevered components, such as balconies and oriels, preserving the building’s sleek profile.

Roofscapes: Aesthetic Unity

The extensive roof surfaces mirror the design intentions of the facades, presenting a clear, homogeneous, and less fragmented appearance. Photovoltaic and fiber cement panels contribute to the building’s eco-conscious ethos. Two south-facing pinnacles add a touch of architectural finesse to the roof surfaces, mirroring the elegance found throughout the structure.

In summary, Apartment Building L329 stands as a respectful, calm, and elegant addition to Zurich’s neighborhood. Rossetti+Wyss Architects have seamlessly blended tradition with modernity, creating a sustainable haven that not only respects the past but also embraces the future of urban living.

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