Yuesheng•Yanyuan: Pioneering Multidimensional Architecture

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Project Information

Project Name: Yuesheng•Yanyuan Brand Experience Center
Project Owner: Yuesheng Group
Project Location: Xingtai, China
Project Area: 2000 sqm
Project Date: July 2022

Design Agency: JINDESIGN (Website:www.jinart.cn)
Creative Director: Cui Yue
Concept Design: Chu Hongji, Xu Yingjie, Yang Tong, Liu Yanshuang, Zhang Chongjie
Soft Furnishing Design: Yang Yang, Zhu Jiaying, Yang Wenlei
Project Photography: Zheng Yan
Project Videography: Li Yingjie, Hanmer
Copywriting and Planning: NARJEELING
Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency

In the heart of Xingtai, where innovation and industrial growth thrive, a remarkable cluster has taken shape in 2022. This dynamic hub is driven by the synergy of Huawei’s Big Data Industrial Park and Yuesheng•Yanyuan, symbolizing the region’s industrial prowess. Located adjacent to the Xingtai East Station, a vital junction within the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei corridor, these entities have rapidly woven a web of interconnectedness, fusing information, human capital, and resources. In this article, we delve into the architectural marvel that is Yuesheng•Yanyuan, focusing on its groundbreaking design concept and its pivotal role in the industrial ecosystem.

Multidimensional Interconnection

After months of dedicated work, JINDESIGN accomplished a monumental feat with the completion of Yuesheng•Yanyuan in July 2022. Situated at the core of this burgeoning district, Yuesheng•Yanyuan serves as the primary interface, bringing together advanced and high-quality industrial resources. It encompasses Xingtai New District’s digital industry, an incubation hub for the internet economy, and essential residential support services.

Domain Concept

Yuesheng•Yanyuan Yuesheng•Yanyuan stands as a vibrant, intelligent, and multidimensionally interconnected super-space supply station, nestled around an artificial lake. This architectural masterpiece symbolizes the future integration of industry and living. Its design concept reflects the era of high-quality development and offers a resurgence of life, teeming with vitality. The non-linear architectural forms create unconventional internal spaces, promoting flexibility and openness. The integration of digital industry, residential landscapes, and nature provides an unparalleled sense of diversity.

Functional Connectivity

Yuesheng•Yanyuan The first floor of Yanyuan seamlessly connects the entire leisure and negotiation space, including the renowned LALUNA coffee brand. The outdoors merge with the interior, creating a serene atmosphere, shielded from urban clamor. Each unit on the first floor provides various functions, promoting interactive and flexible use. The second floor extends the layout, offering semi-private and private areas, meeting deeper negotiation needs, and maintaining a minimalist business feel.

Design Value

Yuesheng•Yanyuan Yuesheng•Yanyuan serves as the bridge between the city, industry, people, and information, embodying the fusion of the future city and the digital industry. Its open and free concept provides valuable, reusable space for its operators. This design reflects the potential of an internet-famous incubation hub, cultivating multidimensional domains that infuse vitality into the city. The digital city is calling for more spaces like Yuesheng•Yanyuan, spaces characterized by warmth, resilience, inclusivity, sustainability, and efficient interconnectivity, creating a smart living system.


Yuesheng•YanyuanYuesheng•Yanyuan is more than just an architectural marvel; it’s a testament to the power of interconnectedness and innovative design. This multidimensional domain not only shapes the future of industry and living but also beckons us to embrace the digital city’s transformative potential. With its open, flexible, and inclusive design, Yuesheng•Yanyuan is a beacon of hope, redefining the boundaries of architecture and urban living.

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