Your Bedroom Makeover at Your Price and Pace

Rearranging the bedroom freshens up its look, but you’re moving around the same tired furniture. Hanging up new curtains just feels like a cosmetic fix. You’re proud of your DIY talents, so stop pushing and draping. Update the entire room, or give it a modern feel with a few new pieces.

Bedroom Sets Aren’t Budget Busters

Shopping at traditional furniture stores is a good start. You can feel the materials, snuggle on the mattress and kick the night stands. Visit a showroom, and browse your favorite brand names. However, if you buy from these retail outlets, the cost of your new bedroom includes their rent and overhead.

Take your decisions home, shop smart, and do a little research online. For example, bedroom sets at Home Furniture Mart sell for a fraction of the retail price, and they offer free delivery and premium customer service. You really can afford a new bedroom.

Add On Contemporary Compliments

If replacing your entire bedroom is more of a plunge than you’re ready to take, take it easy by swapping out a few pieces at a time. New night stands are an inexpensive start and bring a modern look to the room with crisp, clean lines. Adding a sleek, paneled headboard transforms your old bed into a chic centerpiece. A bench at the foot of the bed is an old idea, but with updated looks, it’s a smart and practical addition to your renovation scheme.

Start small, think big, and add one piece at a time.

Make the Materials Modern

You’re the designer on this project, and you want a contemporary look. Think outside the traditional, wooden-box styles in your bedroom. You can refinish furniture, update walls and surfaces and add small pieces with big, new looks. Here’s a short list for inspiration:

Mirror-paneled accents on headboards add light and drama to your bedroom. Sleek, plastic bookcases bring a clean line to modern decoration. Metal highlights are bright, crisp and perfect for lamps or frames and wall hangings. Deep, lacquered finishes on wood surfaces add a classy touch and bring style to any piece. Taking the DIY approach to your bedroom makeover is affordable and flexible. You can complete the project with a smart shopping trip online, or you can take your time and add a few new pieces to suit your budget. Contemporary chic is easy, especially when you do it to suit yourself.

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