Yakiniku Sugaya BBQ Restaurant, Osaka / by TOFU

Yakiniku Sugaya BBQ restaurant, Osaka / by TOFU

This BBQ restaurant is in Osaka. By Using a lot bamboo to the material for the wall and blind, giving the impression of light and airy. Bare bulb Light hanging on each table is tiny light,but reflected the light of a naked light bulb in a unique glossy texture of bamboo to produce a soft glow throughout the room. Also giving a glossy paint on the wall of cedar panels, expecting the same effect as the bamboo.

Yakiniku Sugaya BBQ restaurant, Osaka / by TOFU
© Yohei Sasakura

Architects: TOFU (www.tofu-ao.com)
Location: Osaka, Japan
Project Architect: Fumiya Ogawa+Tomonobu Higashino
Project Area: 58.00 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Yohei Sasakura

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