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Completed in September 2021, Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital is an extension of the existing Xiamen Hong’ai Hospital. It’s given name refers to the intentions behind the hospital’s philosophy, with Hong’ai meaning ‘spread love’. Its cozy and safe atmosphere provides users with a completely new hospital experience.

Professional surgery, ICU, and NICU care is provided to guarantee the safety of childbirth. At the same time, spaces for other functions such as pre-delivery, delivery room, LDR delivery room, LDR-P delivery room, post-natal ward, VIP ward, and more have also been considered. Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital thus provides a full chain of services from pre-delivery all the way to post-natal rehabilitation and childcare growth. All of these services have thoroughly taken into consideration the well-being of both professionals and users. Providing users with privacy, as well as their companions, is essential for interiorizing each step during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, during moments such as breastfeeding and gynecological examinations, mothers appreciate a more intimate space where they can focus on themselves, rather than being overwhelmed by other activities taking place within the hospital.

The soft curved building provides an independent maternity, gynecology, and inpatient garden, including a sunken garden outdoors. The well-arranged curves of the building draw the main atrium closer, which forms the inner space of each floor. From the entrance, obstetrics and gynecologists have their own circulation paths and do not interfere with each other. Conversely, the research and laboratory areas are connected to the clinics and wards, facilitating collaboration between the various professionals.

Advanced technologies have been integrated to maximize the building’s environmental factors; sunlight considerations, shading mechanisms, and rainwater recovery are just a few of the processes to help improve energy savings. Its façade was meticulously thought through as the lungs of the building, with its air circulation breathing through gaps in its skin mesh as an effective and straight forward ventilation strategy.

The interior is rational and is designed with clear circulation and functional grid modules. The internal orthogonal modular design allows various medical functions to be easily replaced and developed, making it flexible and adaptable to future treatments. Its material selection intentionally plays with a mix of contrasts, delivering a consistent warm wood color that reinforces the Hong’ai ‘spread love’ sentiment.

From pre-delivery through to post-natal rehabilitation and childcare growth, the Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital provides a full gamut of services, like a live theatre performance celebrating the act of life.

Technical sheet

Project location: No.501, Middle Jinshan Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China
Site area: 23,443m²
Construction surface: 96,000m²
No. of beds: 600
Investment: RMB 0.56 billion
Project status: put into use
Design time: 2018-2020
Completion time: 2021
Chair architect: Vincent Zhang
Medical function planning & medical process design: Vincent Zhang & Daniel Pauli
Other team members: Cao Feng, Xia Jinling, Dong Weibin, Cristiano Sardinha & Casiana Kennedey
Photographers: Xia Qiang, Huang Xiaoting & Li Zhihui


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