An Architectural Masterclass or a Project that was a Huge Gamble?

Ever thought about designing a casino and being able to build what will become a multi-million-dollar empire? Imagine you have all the tools and free reign as a designer, how will it look, will there be a core theme, color scheme, perhaps a philosophy? There have been many concepts put forward, inviting modern, futuristic and old-age designs, though of the many, lots, no matter how beautiful, still remain on paper. There are some, however, which have won-over owners and have become the most daring, complex and inspiring developments that house within them a world of casino entertainment.

Here are the most-craziest, unique, coolest and frankly wackiest casinos ever built in the world!

Casinos Designed to Win Your Eyes Over

A list comprising of casinos in America is all too easy, we have a myriad of structures that dazzle spectators, so for this article, we expand into the rest of the world’s most stunning buildings.

Many believe that casinos are on the decline given the rise of online gambling, you only need to look at comparison sites such as to see just how many available online casinos are open to players in America, offering the same form of slot machines, live dealer tables and the added benefit of sports betting. Step out of the digital world and you’ll find there are equally jaw-dropping visual on the streets. Here are the most insane casinos from around the world.

The Genius of Insanity

  1. Location: Malaysia
    Casino: Resorts World Genting

    This casino is clearly a visual spectacle that captures nearly all the colors of the rainbow. Sticking out like a sore thumb, the building is situated in the Pahang mountains in Malaysia. The construction involved to get this project up and running and during the process, is nothing short of marvelous. The engineering behind the building, which resides some 6,000 meters above sea level, is one of the most demanding, giving the complexities of its surroundings. The construction started in 1965 and was completed 6 years later in 1971, where the resort would first become Highlands Hotel. Now called Theme Park Hotel. During the expansion of the site, in 2001 the Frist World Hotel was added and the brightly colored towers offered over 7,300 rooms and the all-important resort casino. Formally the biggest hotel in the world up until 2008.

  2. Location: Macau, China
    Casino: Grand Lisboa

    Easily, one of the most impressive constructions of a casino ever made by man. This is the Grand Lisboa, opening in 2007. This casino is a site that is many decades ahead of its time. The hotel was completed in 2008 offering over 400 rooms. The casino packs in 800 gaming table and over 1,000 slots. The building is the tallest in Macau at over 850ft with 52 floors within.

    The build of this project came in at $385million and was funded by the owner Stanley Ho, who wanted to fight off the competition of the complexes built by foreign investors MSM Mirage, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn International, whose casinos reside in Macau as well. Inside the casino, the Stanley Ho Star is permanently displayed, a 218.08-carat diamond, the largest D-color diamond
    on the planet!

  3. Location: South Africa
    Casino: Sun City

    Breath-taking doesn’t come close to trying to describe the sheer audacity of this casino. This is a supremely luxurious resort and casino located two hours from Johannesburg, between the Elands River and Pilanesberg. Opened in 1979, at the time was part of the Bantustan territory, independent of South Africa after the apartheid and thusly able to offer gambling to members which traveled to the stunning location.

    The region later joined South Africa in 1994, the casino and resort continue their service which has been the venue of many notable artists over the decades from the Beach Boys to Elton John. The building is very much a blend of Disneyland and Indian influence, inside stunning African décor and the famous bridge of elephants.

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