Wood Window Restoration

In these latter days, natural materials hold leading market positions and push synthetic ones aside. Given tendency is also seen on the window market; regardless of the fact that installation of plastic windows has been considered more prestigious several years ago, now more and more people opt for wood windows. People’s position is explained with the fact that in spite of plastic windows’ pros, they can also be harmful to health, while the wood is ecological, durable and pretty to look at material which can be easily renovated. Restoration of wood windows will make them look fresh and fulfill all their functions.

Qualitative window restoration

If you are going to repair wood window frame then, firstly, it’s worth inspecting it carefully, find the damaged piece and the reason for its appearing. This will help you fix all the defects and make your windows look just like new. It’s necessary to do Good Window Works in order windows repairing to produce an expected result. In such case, it’s worth turning for help to professionals who will return the windows to their original condition and let them serve for a long time. Here are some problems you can face having wood windows:

  • crevices which need to be winterized;
  • insufficient sound insulation;
  • damaged fittings;
  • faded or wearing off paint.

Wood windows restoration includes following services:

  • dismantling of window, glass and old frames;
  • old paint removing, reparation of rotten frames;
  • reparation or replacement of damaged details, manufacture of new window sash;
  • glass replacement and polishing;
  • improvement of sound isolation;
  • windows caulking, painting or varnishing;
  • replacement of an old working part.

Obviously, the more you take care of your windows, the less you should care of their reparation. That’s exactly why it’s worth turning for professional help when it comes to regular window maintenance and proper cleaning.

Tips on how to take care of wood windows

Modern frames are made of qualitative wood covered with special varnish or paint, that’s exactly why wood windows require minimum maintenance. Depending on the level of frame dirtiness, it is washed with a wipe cloth moistened with warm soapy water or with special wood care products which shouldn’t consist of aggressive chemical components and abrasives.

Prompt maintenance keeps the frames in good working order. If the window is opened rarely, at least 2 times a year, it’s necessary to check its operating conditions. Window fittings should always be clean in order frame not to get blocked or broken as well as all the details have to be cleaned from the dust and dirt if needed.

Window maintenance doesn’t always require a great amount of effort, time or costs. Herewith timely, qualitative care makes it possible for you to avoid an expensive repair and increase the lifespan of wood windows.

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