White Cassette: Innovative Microcell Apartment Design in Moscow

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Maxim Kashin Architects has recently completed the White Cassette apartment design project in Moscow, Russia. The design of the apartment is based on the principles of modular structures and microcells for housing, inspired by the 1970s experiments by Japanese architects. The Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, designed by Kurokawa, serves as a striking example of this architectural direction.

The interior of the apartment is designed as a special box-transformer that opens up according to the functional needs of the residents. The color white was selected to create feelings of calmness and rejuvenation, and to expand the boundaries and increase the geometry of the space. The apartment has a gross built area of 42 sq meters and features two panoramic windows overlooking the city.

White Cassette in Moskva, Russia by Maxim Kashin Architects Maxim Kashin Architects avoided cutting the space into multiple separate areas and embraced the principle of constructing Nakagin capsules to transform rooms to accommodate the immediate needs of residents. The main space comprises an entrance hall, a dining room with a kitchen island, a kitchen, a living room, and a small office workspace. The firm also incorporated innovative solutions, such as seamless three-meter extruded aluminum railings that serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose, and a hidden workspace in the living room with a desktop computer table.

The kitchen island serves as one of the main accents of the apartment, appearing as a sculptural element composed of three-dimensional shapes cutting into each other. The top surface of the island is composed of satin-finished aluminum, which shimmers with natural light. The bathroom presents an original solution, with a luminous stretch ceiling that brightens the space and visually expands it.

White Cassette in Moskva, Russia by Maxim Kashin Architects With its austere design, hidden functions, clean white aesthetic, bright illumination, and simple geometry, White Cassette is a modern and functional interior designed for the needs of today. The project was completed in 2022 and photographed by Dmitry Chebanenko, with video credits to Bricktake Production.

The design of White Cassette by Maxim Kashin Architects showcases the innovative use of limited space, emphasizing functionality and aesthetics. The project draws inspiration from the 1970s Japanese experiment in modular structures, resulting in an apartment design that seamlessly integrates various functions into a compact space.

The choice of white as the primary color for the interior serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose, creating a sense of purity, lightness, and airiness while also visually expanding the boundaries of the space. The design concept of the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo served as a foundation for the creation of multifunctional interiors that can be transformed to suit the immediate needs of the residents.

White Cassette in Moskva, Russia by Maxim Kashin Architects The use of folding doors and sliding panels enables the apartment to provide a variety of living spaces, from a cozy bedroom to a spacious living room that can accommodate guests. The kitchen island, with its clean geometric lines, acts as a sculptural element, adding character to the apartment’s overall design. The choice of railings also adds a functional aspect, serving as a divider and a storage space for small items.

The bathroom design features a stretch ceiling that visually expands the space and amplifies the effects of natural light. The choice of luminous materials throughout the apartment helps create an atmosphere of brightness and simplicity, enhancing the functionality and modernity of the overall design.

White Cassette by Maxim Kashin Architects demonstrates the firm’s commitment to creating innovative and functional designs that address the evolving needs of modern living. The project’s clever use of limited space and its emphasis on aesthetics and functionality make it a showcase of contemporary architecture and design.

Technical sheet

Official Project Name: White Cassette
Location: Moscow, Russia
Architects/designers: Maxim Kashin, Arina Krisanova
Project completion year: 2022
Gross Built Area: 42 sq meters
Photographer: Dmitry Chebanenko
Video credits: Bricktake Production

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