What To Look For In a Professional Mover

Moving can be a daunting task as we can well know. If you are moving across town or across the state, moving is still stressful. Of course, if you are moving and have to hunt new housing, that’s another stress. We will give you what to look for in a mover and define the services they offer. Also, we will look at the upsurge in manufactured housing for the potential homeowner.

Standard Services Professional Movers Should Offer All Customers

With any professional movers, they should offer transparent pricing. With transparent pricing, all costs, labor, and materials should be specifically listed. This will avoid movers coming up with higher charges at the time of the move. Before the mover moves or inventories a single item, have the company sign off on the agreed price.

All professional movers should be licensed and bonded. The movers should be able to provide you with good references. Quality customer service should be imperative and all movers should offer you full-service options. You will find all this and more at Allied Van Lines. Contact them to have your moving questions answered.

Basic Moving Services All Professional Home Movers Should Offer

You are probably asking yourself, what is included in a basic moving quote for your home. Your quote should always include loading, transportation, and unloading.

  • Loading

    First of all, before any of your belongings are loaded, they should be listed for inventory and labeled. If any furniture is to be moved, it should be wrapped in a durable plastic wrap. Your items should only be loaded after they have been inventoried and prepped.

  • Transportation

    Your professional mover’s primary concern should be safety when transporting your items. All reputable movers should use trucks with air suspension. Your transportation drivers should be licensed and hold quality training certification.

  • Unloading

    After all belongings have been delivered, inventory should be taken. All items should be accounted for. Your professional movers should place all furniture and boxes into each room. Any re-assembly of items or furniture should be provided if it has been requested.

Decluttering Before The Big Move

First of all, evaluate all the items in your house. Look at the items you own and ask yourself what does this item provide me and if you want to continue to carry it with you?

Look over your items for dust. If you haven’t used the items in a while, the dust will be heavy on it. If you really can’t decide, dust is your friend. You will probably decide not to take those items or and lighten that moving quote.

What you decide not to keep, donate or sell. This is the perfect time to think about another person’s needs and how it could benefit them.

When you live in any home, no matter what the size, it is easy to collect and add items. If you have moved even just once in your life, the first thought is how did I accumulate all this stuff! Avoid hoarding practices and challenge these tendencies.

Looking For Housing Before The Move?

Currently, there are 22 million homeowners living in manufactured housing. Manufactured housing is no longer the trailers of years past. Manufactured housing today is built with the same quality as traditional-type housing. Manufacturing housing offers amenities such as solar panels, gutters, floor heating, and construction housing grade windows.

Pre-fab homes can be designed with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, modern kitchens, and full dining rooms. If you desire a porch or carport, that can be designed for your pre-fab home too.

Are Pre-Fab Homes Economical?

To determine if a pre-fab home is less expensive than a site-built home, let’s do the math. The average cost of a pre-fab home is $51.26 per square foot while the average square foot of a site-built home is $107.18 a square foot.

As the math just showed you, a manufactured home is a good budget alternative to on-site build housing. Growing housing trends show more and more homeowners looking for manufactured housing because it is more cost-effective and they can customize their pre-fab home at times cheaper than buying or building an on-site home of their dreams.

If you have a move in your future, consider professional help. Also, consider the cost of a manufactured home.

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