What is Corporate Housing?

If you are a businessman or freelancer who’s ever taken a business trip, chances are that you stayed in a hotel or B&B for a night or two, with limited entertainment options, all on your company’s expense account. Sometimes however, you need to stay out of town for a few weeks, and living in a hotel just isn’t practical or affordable – for you or your company. That is when coliving and making use of corporate housing is highly beneficial.

The Rise of Coliving & Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a term used to describe furnished accommodation, that typically caters to professionals on a medium- to long-term basis. This saves businesses and entrepreneurs on hotel bills when they attend to projects out of town, while also providing additional benefits that make out-of town life comfortable, convenient and productive. Initially created with corporate employees and contract workers in mind, corporate housing is now frequently used by students and travelers who enjoy the convenience and community life that comes with the coliving experience.

Who Uses Corporate Housing?

If you need accommodation out of town at the last minute, before booking into a pricey hotel, find out if there is corporate housing available nearby – you may be pleasantly surprised at the savings as well as the benefits that come along with these flexible-term lease furnished accommodation options. Students looking for an upmarket alternative to dorm-life also flock to corporate living spaces, as well as tech start-ups who enjoy working in a casual collaborative environment. The appeal is clear; all furniture and appliances provided, Wi-Fi, cleaning and laundry services, entertainment and parking spaces are all standard features of corporate housing and coliving spaces.

Corporate Housing: an Affordable Alternative

While prices will vary from building to building and city to city, and a lot is dependent on the size of the room or apartment used and perks provided, as well as the length of stay. Overall, corporate housing tends to be the cheaper option, compared to hotels. It also works out cheaper than renting an apartment, as all utilities, services, and amenities are included. These extras would usually tally up to thousands on their own. Tourists or visiting professionals who hope to explore the city and soak up the nightlife will enjoy the fact that corporate housing is typically located in the heart of the city center, with easy access to local entertainment and shopping districts.

Corporate Housing is Traveling Simplicity at its Finest

It is clear that corporate housing has a lot to offer for out of town professionals, students and vacationers who enjoy the turnkey convenience, without the huge price tag that comes along with staying in a hotel. There’s no need to commit to a long lease, and with the provision of all the personal and professional supplies and equipment at your fingertips, corporate housing benefits the companies who foot the bill as well as the people who use them – a win-win all round!

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