What Green Solutions are Commercial Buildings Implementing?

Reducing the impact we have on the planet has become incredibly important. As the climate crisis threat increases, we have to do more to ensure we are scaling back on our emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.

While individuals can do their part by recycling and choosing more environmentally friendly transport options, how can commercial buildings go green and reduce their environmental impact? Let’s find out what green solutions are being implemented in commercial buildings.

Electric Windows

One of the best ways a commercial building can go green is by installing electric window openers. These advanced windows can be operated remotely without the need for human input, or even programmed to open and close automatically.

Electric windows are extremely effective at controlling the temperature within a commercial building. They can be automated to close when it gets too cold and open when it gets too hot. What this means is that commercial building owners can reduce the use of artificial heating and cooling systems, which use a lot of energy and contribute significantly towards harmful emissions.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is slowly being adopted in our everyday lives, and we’re seeing it increasingly integrated into commercial buildings. While smart technology is designed to make things more accessible and more convenient, it can also offer a range of environmental benefits and is a viable option for commercial building owners who are looking to go green.

Smart technology can be integrated into lighting systems. It can automate lights to only turn on during hours of business, or to turn on only when movement is detected. This ensures lights are only being used when absolutely necessary and reduces the amount of energy being wasted.

Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

Another approach that commercial building owners can take when looking to go green is to use environmentally friendly building materials. Some materials, plastic, in particular, are extremely harmful to the planet. Plastic production produces a lot of waste, and the material isn’t biodegradable.

Instead of plastic, materials like stone, reclaimed wood, and even steel are far more environmentally friendly. Even things like bamboo and cork can be used to ensure a commercial building is as green as possible.

Solar Power

Ending our reliance on fossil fuels is key if we want to solve the climate crisis. Renewable energy sources are widely believed to be the future, and we’re seeing them used more and more across the world.

Wind and water serve as excellent sources of renewable energy, but the best option for commercial buildings is the sun. Solar energy can be used to power commercial buildings in place of traditional electrical energy sources. It works by using panels which absorb the energy emitted by the sun. Commercial buildings are perfect for solar energy usage because of their size; they generally have large roofs which act as the ideal platform for installing solar panels.


Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to save the planet. There are various options available for commercial buildings looking to go green, including electric windows, smart technology, environmentally friendly building materials, and solar power.

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