Vienna Studio’s Eco-Revamp: A Glass Art Haven

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Project Information

Client: Bull Bau GmbH
Operator: GlashütteComploj
Architects and General Planners: Berger+Parkkinen Architekten, Vienna
Architecture: Alfred Berger, TiinaParkkinen
Project Manager: Lucas Schuh
Project Team: Lukas Rückerl, FraneTrebotic, FanniAliz Florian, Domna Maria Katsani
Consultants: Landscape
Architecture: LindleBukor OG
Structural Engineering: DI. Reinhard Schneider

HVAC Planning: TB I. Obkircher
Building Physics: iCconsulentenZiviltechnikerGesmbH
Fire Protection: Building Master Dipl. Ing. Alexander KUNZ, MSc
Building Data: Gross
Floor Area: 850 m2
Usable Area: 760 m2
Built Area: 566 m2

Plot Size: 1360 m2
Planning Commencement: 2019
Construction Commencement: 2022
Completion: 2023
Manufacturer/Products Metalworker: Unterfurtner GmbH
Carpenter: GCT GmbH

Redefining Space with Berger + Parkkinen

The Vienna neighborhood is buzzing with the latest architectural masterpiece—not a colossal skyscraper, but a quaint studio space reimagined by the masterful duo, Alfred Berger and Tiina Parkkinen. This isn’t just any makeover; it’s a testament to what happens when visionary architects breathe new life into old walls, proving size really doesn’t matter when it comes to sustainable design.

Sustainability Meets Craftsmanship

It’s not every day you see a glassblower’s studio taking center stage in architectural conversations, but Berger + Parkkinen have changed the script. The glassblower Studio Comploj is a narrative of conscious construction, where the integrity of Vienna’s old trees and structures is as much a part of the design as the bricks and mortar. It’s an eco-friendly hug wrapping around Robert Comploj’s artisanal haven.

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Design That Speaks Volumes

Digging into the project’s heart, we find the cornerstone of Berger + Parkkinen‘s philosophy: blending form with function. The trio of post-war houses, now Houses A, B, and C, are more than just spaces; they are characters in this architectural story. House A shines with its reinforced concrete frame and skylight-infused roof, while House B’s brickwork and wooden ceilings whisper tales of the past, connecting to the property with an elegance that only Berger + Parkkinen can articulate.

A Garden of Glass and Green

Imagine stepping into a world where art, craftsmanship, and nature coalesce. This is the reality for Atelier Comploj, thanks to the thoughtful renovation that’s transformed a mundane backyard into a sanctuary of creativity. The once commonplace is now a scenic ensemble that not only respects its environmental roots but grows from them—both literally and metaphorically.

The Architectural Jewel of Vienna-Währing

The project’s pièce de résistance is the workshop with its furnace—a melting pot of artistry under the luminous embrace of daylight. It’s a stage set for Robert Comploj’s glass sculptures, magnified by the gallery-esque showroom that spills into a serene garden. This isn’t just a building; it’s a dynamic canvas where life and art dance in a harmonious ballet.

Berger + Parkkinen have not just refurbished a building; they’ve crafted a narrative where every square meter tells a story of innovation, heritage, and the harmonious balance between nature and the built environment. This project is not merely an architectural feat; it’s a beacon of inspiration for sustainable living and a homage to the art of glassblowing. In Vienna’s 18th district, the glassblower Studio Comploj stands not just as a structure, but as a philosophy carved in brick and mortar—where history is preserved, art flourishes, and life blooms amidst the clink of glass and whispers of the past.

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