Veil House: Winnipeg’s Chic Architectural Gem

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Project Highlights

Project name: Veil House
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Client: withheld

Architects: 5468796 Architecture
Project team: partner-in-charge – Sasa Radulovic; project architect – Ken Borton
Interior Designer: XYZ Studio Inc., Linda Levit
Engineers: Structural – Laverge Draward & Associates: Civil & Surveyor – Barnes & Duncan Surveying Geomatics & Engineering: Geotechnical – Eng-Tech Consulting

Landscape Consultant: Butterfield Landscaping & Maintenance
Project Completion: August 2022
Budget: withheld
Photographer: James Brittain

Celebrating Success at the World Architecture Festival 2023

Veil House, a masterpiece crafted by 5468796 Architecture, has recently claimed the spotlight by winning an award in the “Completed Buildings – House & Villa” category at the prestigious World Architecture Festival 2023 in Singapore. Amongst 18 outstanding contenders from across the globe, Veil House emerged victorious, showcasing its exceptional design and functionality.

Aging Gracefully in Winnipeg’s Architectural Landscape

Situated in Winnipeg, Veil House challenges the architectural norms set by early 20th-century suburban sprawl. With a vision to provide a family with a space to age gracefully while enjoying both openness and privacy, this project cleverly balances outdoor expanses with well-defined interior enclosures.

Innovative Design: Spatial Connectivity and Versatility

Veil House is ingeniously organized on a loose nine-square grid surrounding a central courtyard. The residence boasts a series of interconnected open living spaces framed by solid utility blocks. This innovative design eliminates the need for conventional walls and doors, fostering spatial definition while maintaining visual and acoustic connections.

The Art of the “Veil”: Melding Aesthetics with Practicality

Wrapped in a weathered steel “veil,” Veil House stands out as a unique fusion of aesthetics and practicality. This artistic covering not only adds an industrial touch, reflecting the city’s manufacturing heritage but also serves functional purposes. From providing shelter to creating interstitial spaces, the veil showcases a delicate dance between architecture and sculpture.

In conclusion, Veil House not only stands as a testament to architectural brilliance but also seamlessly integrates with Winnipeg’s historical context. With its innovative design, spatial connectivity, and the striking “veil,” this residence emerges as a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, deserving of its accolades on the global stage.

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