V36K08/09 – Urban Diva Residence by PASEL.KUENZEL ARCHITECTS


Press Release:
On a former industrial site close to the historical heart of the renowned Dutch university city of Leiden, emerges one of the biggest urban developments of private-collective dwellings in the Netherlands. In their series of eleven town houses, Rotterdam based architects pasel.künzel architects present yet another exceptional residence.

V36K08/09 is the front end of a terrace that is built on a collective parking garage.
The residence comprises two separate dwellings for mother and son, including two spacious and hidden patios. The dark pre-patinated zinc façade with its subtle disposition of seams gives the building a calm but yet spectacular appearance.
Looking from the outside, the house appears rather compact and closed – a fortress in the urban tissue. Only by entering the estate through the heavy wooden gate, one gets into an utterly different inner world – an oasis of tranquillity, a living space that is generous and open, where inside and outside merge into each other.

Architect: pasel.kuenzel architects, Rotterdam , NL
Team: R. Pasel, F. Künzel, F. Sack
Structural Engineer: IMD, Rotterdam
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Nieuwe Maten, Wormerveer
Client: Private
Location: EWR/Slachthuisterrein, Leiden, NL
Size: 285 m2 + 81 m2 roof terrace
Date: 2006-10
Photos: Marcel van der Burg

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