Urbania, Monterrey / by Gilberto L. Rodríguez of GLR arquitectos

Urbania, Monterrey / by GLR arquitectos

Urbania is an urban recycling project located in downtown Monterrey. The task was to work with a building that used to house the old headquarters of the “Monterrey-New York Life” insurance company.

Originally built in the late fifties, this building was converted into a rental residential project, with 130 units ranging from 500 to 1,650 square feet each.

Urbania, Monterrey / by GLR arquitectos
© Jorge Taboada

The building underwent an extensive transformation in both its interior and rooftop. Four new light structure floors were added over the existing fifteen stories, providing a new crowning to the building.

Levels 1 and 2 kept their commercial use. The rest of the structure and the original brick façades were carefully restored due to the building’s architectural value as a fine example of mid-twentieth century modern architecture. The character of the building was partially maintained by leaving all of the ceilings with the original fifty-year-old exposed concrete.

Urbania, Monterrey / by GLR arquitectos
© Jorge Taboada

In addition to the apartments and commerce, the building contains certain amenities such as a social lounge, terrace and fitness center on the 16th floor.

Urbania will bring life back to a largely neglected zone that had slowly been abandoned by former downtown residents. It also bets on public transportation, since it is located in a pedestrian area close to restaurants, shops, cafes, and bus and subway stations.

Gilberto L. Rodríguez
GLR arquitectos

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México 2009

Project Area:
138,564 sq. f

Project Team:
Enrique Salas
Cecilia Bautista
Oscar O’Farrill
Lorena Sampedro

Jorge Taboada

Website: www.glrarquitectos.com

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