Urban Infill Berlin: Architectural Marvel in Berlin

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Appels Architekten introduces Urban Infill Berlin, a remarkable building nestled within Berlin’s traditional perimeter block development. This architectural gem fills the void left by the destruction of the rear building during World War II. With its distinctive S-shape design, Urban Infill Berlin not only pays homage to its historical context but also embraces modernity and community living. Let’s delve into the architect and the design concept that make this development truly exceptional.

Architectural Excellence

Appels Architekten, the visionary minds behind Urban Infill Berlin, have created a masterpiece that seamlessly blends history, functionality, and aesthetics. The architects have meticulously crafted a design that mimics the demolished building while incorporating contemporary elements to establish an independent identity within the backyards.

Design Concept

The design of Urban Infill Berlin revolves around three typologically distinct outdoor spaces, each with its own purpose and character. From the vibrant streetscape to the tranquil green garden courtyard, the transition between these spaces is flawlessly interwoven using carefully chosen pavement changes, topography, amenities, and vegetation. The generous pierced entrance hall in the new building and the existing drive-through in the front building establish connections between the backyards, fostering a sense of unity and community.

Diverse Housing Mix

One of the key highlights of Urban Infill Berlin is its diverse housing mix, comprising 24 units that cater to a wide range of residents. From singles to families, everyone can find a perfect home in this development. The clever configuration of duplex apartments on the first floor offers inner-city ground-floor living with privacy and individual entrances. Approximately 25% of the apartments are designed as two-story units, enabling residents to create distinct living environments on separate floors. This flexibility allows for various possibilities, such as combining upper-floor living with atelier or studio spaces on the lower floor, overlooking the serene courtyards.

Architectural Identity and Materials

The architectural identity of Urban Infill Berlin draws inspiration from the surrounding Berlin townhouses. The building showcases a rough mineral materialization of the perforated facade, reminiscent of the neighborhood’s heritage. However, the two-story ground floor facade and the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows give the building its own unique identity within the backyards. Inside, the use of raw interior materials celebrates the fading traces of craftsmanship, preserving the intrinsic nature of the surfaces as an atmospheric element.

Fostering Community Interaction

Urban Infill Berlin goes beyond providing residential units; it focuses on creating a strong sense of community and fostering meaningful interactions among its residents. Unlike conventional common spaces, this development emphasizes specific areas within the outdoor space as identity-creating spaces. By encouraging chance encounters and casual exchanges, the design actively contributes to the social fabric of the community. This approach allows residents to connect based on the shared identity of the place, enriching their lives and fostering a vibrant community spirit.


Urban Infill Berlin, brought to life by Appels Architekten, is a testament to the power of innovative architectural design. This extraordinary building not only honors the historical context but also embraces contemporary living and community interaction. With its unique S-shape design, diverse housing mix, and meticulous attention to materials and identity, Urban Infill Berlin stands as a shining example of architectural excellence and community-centric living.

Technical sheet

Completion: 2022
Architect: Appels Architekten
Photos: Simon Menges

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