Urban Elegance: ALTA’s Visionary Design Oasis in Gentilly

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Project Highlights

Location: Gentilly (Greater Paris)
Client: Bati Paris + FOR IMMO
Architects: ALTA architectes – urbanistes
Project Owner exe: EPDC + ELEMENT
BET: EPDC + Ouest Structures + ALTO + Le Chêne Breton + Sol Explorer + IETI

Office Interior Design: [e?mM] Architectures
Control Office/SPC: Socotec
General Contractor: SICRA
Delivered: June 2023
Surface Area: 3,700 m2 SP / 3,436 m2 SHAB residential units 5,250 m2 SP / 5,127 m2 SU offices
Programme: 61 homes, including 7 social housing units + offices (sports hall + social room) + garden

Performance: BREEAM VERY GOOD + NF HQE Habitat
Graphic Documents: © ALTA
Photographs: © Charly Broyez


In the heart of Gentilly, a visionary mixed-use project has emerged, blending urban sophistication with natural aesthetics. ALTA architects, in collaboration with FOR IMMO and Bati-Paris, have orchestrated a masterpiece that not only redefines the city’s skyline but also harmonizes with its historical surroundings.

Façade Finesse

The project, strategically located at the eastern end of Gentilly, seamlessly integrates an office development and a 61-unit multi-family housing complex. The challenge lies in finding a delicate balance between urbanity and suburban connectivity. Rue Gabriel Péri, once occupied by industrial storage, now showcases a façade exuding finesse. The architects’ ingenuity is evident in the subtle yet impactful design that avoids visual constraints while seamlessly connecting with the suburban fabric below rue Benserade.

Windows as Art

The main façade, a testament to architectural brilliance, employs generous dimensions of windows accentuated by sleek metal frames. These elements not only distinguish the structure but also contribute to a coherent and harmonious building front. The use of metalwork extends to the rear walls of the offices, presenting as vertical brise-soleils. Winter gardens enhance the façade, blurring the boundaries between the two programs and adding a touch of greenery to the urban landscape.

Green Heart of the Block

At the core of the project, ALTA architects aimed to restore the natural shape of the original plot. An open-ground garden now graces the center, connecting seamlessly with the neighboring land. The offices, strategically positioned to take advantage of the topography, extend generously onto the garden, creating terraces and planted areas at the same level. This intentional design not only adds aesthetic value but also fosters a connection with nature in the midst of urban development.

Sunlit Retreat

Ensuring ample sunlight and breathtaking views, the interior façades of the homes and offices are set back. This architectural choice not only bathes the central part of the block in natural light but also provides residents and workers with captivating vistas of the Bièvre valley and Greater Paris. The façades at the heart of the block, while more restrained and discreet, feature masonry spandrel windows, ensuring privacy for all.


ALTA’s mixed-use project in Gentilly is not just a construction marvel; it’s a thoughtful narrative that weaves together urban functionality and natural aesthetics. This architectural symphony, delivered in June 2023, stands as a testament to the vision of ALTA architects and the collaborative efforts of Bati Paris and FOR IMMO. With a commitment to sustainability (BREEAM VERY GOOD + NF HQE Habitat) and an eye for design finesse, this project is a beacon of modern living in the heart of Greater Paris.

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