Unveiling Everlasting City: WANG BBQ’s Revamped Design

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The city of Beijing, with its bustling streets and dynamic lifestyle, is a place of endless stories and emotions. Amidst this vibrant backdrop, WANG BBQ has stood the test of time for two decades, serving its patrons with delightful skewers of meat and cherished memories. Now, breaking free from the shroud of obscurity, WANG BBQ’s Hepingli Store embarks on a revolutionary transformation through the artistry of IN.X’s strategic catering space design. The goal is to create a powerful impact, elevating the brand to new heights and capturing the hearts of a younger generation.

1. The Everlasting City’s Captivating Ambiance

As the sun sets over Beijing, the Hepingli Store comes alive with a masterfully designed space that exudes an aura of everlasting charm. Neon lights flicker, casting a mesmerizing orange hue on craft beer barrels and diners, setting the stage for a poetic experience. The concept of the everlasting city comes to life, where weariness, relaxation, and sensitivity blend harmoniously during sunset. It is a time of intense emotions, and within this space, every visitor is encouraged to embrace their authentic selves without hesitation.

2. An Adventure of Freedom and Fun

Food is the gateway to adventure, and WANG BBQ’s Hepingli Store beckons patrons to embark on a remarkable journey of culinary exploration. With a central focus on beer barrels and a circular bar counter, the space breaks away from conventions, allowing freedom to permeate the dining experience. The design incorporates raw and matte materials alongside smooth and sharp metal surfaces, creating a mesmerizing rhythmic display that captivates the senses.

The mezzanine level, adorned with elevated pipes, offers a sense of freedom and flexibility, catering to various dining styles. Private dining rooms are reimagined with a futuristic ambiance, bridging the gap between traditional self-service dining and specialized, intimate gatherings. The fusion of circular elements within the square space echoes the theme of the sunset, igniting curiosity and delight.

3. Where Strategy and Design Converge

For regional dining brands, surviving and thriving in evolving urban landscapes is a challenging task. IN.X understands the significance of these local establishments, the warmth they bring, and the shared experiences they create. By seamlessly integrating interior and exterior spaces, the design aims to open up infinite possibilities for WANG BBQ and other regional restaurants.

The strategic catering space design of WANG BBQ’s Hepingli Store aims to resonate with the younger generation, offering them an exciting and meaningful dining experience. The goal is to expand the customer base and foster a sense of belonging for all who visit. The space becomes a beacon of light, inviting people to savor mouthwatering skewers of meat, embrace life’s adventures, and create cherished memories.


The transformation of WANG BBQ’s Hepingli Store is a testament to the power of design in unearthing the hidden gems of regional brands. With a spatial environment that embodies the essence of the everlasting city and an ambiance of freedom and fun, the restaurant beckons patrons to indulge in the pleasures of life. IN.X’s strategic catering space design has breathed new life into this beloved brand, setting it on a path of renewed influence and captivating the hearts of the younger generation. So, step into the Hepingli Store, savor the delectable skewers of meat, and be a part of the everlasting city’s unforgettable story.

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Project Information

Project Name: WANGBBQ Hepingli Flagship Store
Location: Beijing, China
Area: 580 square meters
Interior Design: Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd.
Lead Designer: Wu Wei
Design Team: Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Zhang Shun

Interior Furnishing: Ying Zheguang, Song Jiangli
Lighting Design: Uniimport
Visual Output: Fayoung Design
Project Photography: Boris Shiu
Project Videography: Xiao Shiming

Copywriting and Planning: NARJEELING
Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency

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