Unusual Lighting Design

If you are someone with a special taste for fashion and probably looking for unusually lighting design in your house, then this article is for you. Lighting has found its way and becomes a force to reckon with in matters relating to art. Lighting majorly involves three types of lighting which are ambiance, accent, and task. The three major types of lighting will give you the required illumination in your house, with all other options evolving around them. However, there are some lighting designs which are extraordinary, some of which are:

A robust assortment

Robust assortment lighting provides a shadow-free room which will produce a layered couple with a robust lighting system. The robust assortment lighting involves the mixture of different types of lighting which is crucial for building a good proper lighting structure. The lighting can be fixed to different positions in the room.

Two in one lighting

This kind of lighting is known to be most suitable for ambient overhead lighting. It makes use of two different styles of lighting. Most time, pot lighting is used to provide the major lighting (normally spread across the ceiling), and the transitional hanging fixture is used mostly to highlight the seating area in a room.

Multiple fixtures

Most times, the overhead fixture is not the ideal lighting to be used in a large room. Therefore using multiple fixtures lighting in such room may be the most suitable option. To achieve the best result in multiple fixtures lighting, you need to use simple multiple fixtures that comprises of sparkling silhouettes and it is advisable to hang it on a grid.

Ceiling accent

Ceiling accent lighting is known for its ability to provide elegance and give more details to the architectural aspect of the ceiling. The ceiling accent is mostly done around the perimeter of the ceiling which in return provides accent light and unique detail to a room for those who are ready to take a little step further and make it extraordinary.

Arc lighting

For those that don’t want to use ceiling light, the arc lighting is another option. With an arc floor, a central lighting source can still be created. In arc lighting, placement is always essential even though the arc is always high to avoid someone bumping into it. It is worthy to note that, arc lightings are modern lighting and work best in modern-day settings.

Sculptural scones

For lovers of sculptures, sculptural scones may entice you. A sculptural scone gives special sculptural elements that allow users to set the modern tone for space, change the size and decide on where the light should be directed.

Mix and match

There is no law which states that there should be uniform lighting in a room, so going a little overboard won’t do any harm. The mixture of old and new lighting styles and eras which you can get from scotlight will give your room a good sense of character and disposition.


Hang a statement fixture

Lighting can pose to be somehow be challenging to do in rooms with high ceilings. Hang statement fixtures are always suitable in situations like this and the best way to do hanging the light in a manner that will be comfortable for people to see it not overstressing them in the cause of seeing it as this will give the light a sense of belonging.

String lighting

Another type of unusual lighting design is string lighting. This type of lighting allows you to choose different styles you want since it is temporary and without the need to add complete new wirings and fixtures.

Colored lighting

Your view of creativity and imagination determines the colored lighting in most cases. The colored lighting can be placed anywhere in the room ranging from ceilings to hallways, hot tubs, cabinets, etc. depending on your creativity.

While using the colored lighting, you can go with your preferred color be it an accent or multicolored light to achieve your aim of an eye-catching effect.

Industrial looking hanging bulbs

These bulbs are modern lightings and are always coated in ethereal glass orbs. Bulbs that are encased in materials like webbing are other bulbs capable of adding to the beauty of the room

Having an unusual design in lighting is always a beautiful thing to do, and it will bring out the best out in your room.

However, having ideas of the type of lighting you want to go for is crucial to achieving your desired result as this will give you a lot of insight into the lighting. Below are examples of lighting that can give you ideas on choosing the best lighting design.

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