Noel Residence: A Unique Expression of Cubic Design

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Toronto, Canada has witnessed the emergence of a remarkable architectural gem known as the Noel Residence, expertly designed by StudioAC. This single-family home, located just north of downtown Toronto, breaks free from conventional design norms with its innovative use of cubic masses. The residence’s distinct architectural approach provides a harmonious blend of functional separation, acoustic balance, and spatial identity, creating an unparalleled living experience for its occupants.

Unveiling the Living Boxes:

Each room within the Noel Residence boasts its own unique experience and spatial identity, thanks to the ingenious arrangement of living boxes. These cubic masses ingeniously achieve programmatic, acoustic, and formal separation, while seamlessly contributing to the overall unity of the residence. The main floor offers a collection of living spaces, granting clear views of adjacent exterior areas, abundant natural light, and localized vistas, enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor environments.

The Upper Floor: Subtle Elegance and Spatial Harmony:

Noel Residence, Cubic Design On the upper floor, the Noel Residence showcases two cubic masses with elegant hipped roofs, flawlessly blending with the overall architectural design. The carefully positioned large skylights crown each cubic mass, providing a graceful ending to their forms. Within the children’s bedroom wing, the skylight above the main stairway floods the deepest part of the plan with natural light, seamlessly merging the circulation space with the living quarters. Similarly, the primary bedroom wing features a strategically placed skylight above the bathroom, ensuring an inviting ambiance while illuminating the vanity, tub, and shower. This thoughtful attention to lighting creates an atmosphere of surprise and delight as one explores the private spaces of the home.

Aesthetic and Authenticity: The Cladding and Cantilevers:

The exterior of the Noel Residence showcases the enduring charm of locally sourced red brick, representing a century-old tradition in Toronto’s residential architecture. The upper bedroom wings subtly shift north and south, resulting in captivating cantilevered conditions that grace the front of the house. These cantilevers ingeniously create a soffit for lighting and a canopy at the front door, welcoming visitors with warmth and style. The rear cantilever extends further, forming a covered outdoor living space, seamlessly integrating the interior and exterior realms. The integration of large floor-to-ceiling windows beautifully illustrates the artistic act of removing these facades from their “pure box” origins, resulting in a captivating tectonic design.

Technical Information:

Completion: 2021
Architect: StudioAC
StudioAC Team: Jonathan Miura, Jennifer Kudlats, Andrew Hill
Structural engineering: Blackwell
Construction management: Whitaker Construction
Photos: Doublespace Photography


The Noel Residence in Toronto, Canada, stands as a testament to StudioAC’s innovative design philosophy and their ability to transform conventional living spaces into captivating architectural marvels. With its unique cubic masses, intelligent use of natural light, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, the Noel Residence sets a new standard for contemporary residential design. This remarkable home exemplifies the marriage of functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating an inviting haven for its inhabitants while leaving a lasting impression on Toronto’s architectural landscape.

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