Une Longue Salle de Séjour in Chatou, France / by kotaro horiuchi architecture

The site is located in Chatou, 14,4 km west of Paris, FRANCE. Around this area is known as a quiet residential area of the riverbank of the lower stream in the Seine.
This house is two-household house of couple households (one child + couple) which live the life without shoes and their parents households which live the life of shoes.

The minimum residence functions fit in one long-slender living, and it bends according to the form of the site. It corresponds to the changing family structure while living is occasionally divided and it occasionally becomes one space. Each feels sense of family while each room takes distance, a daily life is led considering single elongated living as a base of life space.
An elongated living is loose ramp length 50 m, and distinguishes indoor shoes and shoes. Unless access of each room passes along this living, it is unmovable. It lives by always walking along this living. If you walk along living, distance with families, parents, children, and neighborhood will be adjusted because space spreading, narrowing and carries out strength. Moreover, the shadow of facade given change to interior space, and the scene from interior space also brings about change.

The central portion of living is separable, it can use also as concert hall for a wife, home party, theater hole of husband’s hobby, rental housing and guest houses, gallery, and musicology student’s lodgings.

location : chatou, france
program : house
plot area : 420 m2
built area : 190 m2

Web: kotarohoriuchi.com

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