Trulioo’s Innovative HQ: Revitalizing Workspaces Post-COVID

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Project Data

Client: Trulioo
Year: 2023
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Size: 35,000 sq.ft
Designers: Edit Studios Inc
Real Estate Developer: Westbank
General Contractor: Turner Construction

Photography: Ema Peters & Brett Ryan

Furniture Suppliers: Herman Miller & Andreu World
Architectural Walls: Faulkbuilt
Muralist: Rory Doyle
Custom Wall Covering: Edit Studios
Acoustical Wall Covering: Akustus

In a visionary move to reshape the post-pandemic work landscape, renowned Fintech leader Trulioo has unveiled its state-of-the-art headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. Collaborating with the distinguished Vancouver design firm, Edit Studios, Trulioo has breathed life into a 35,000 sq. ft. space that not only reflects its global prowess but also redefines what the office of the future should look like in a post-COVID world.

Architectural Brilliance by Edit Studios: Elevating Return-to-Work Motivation

Championing the creative journey was Edit Studios Inc., a beacon of innovation in architectural design. The central challenge was to inspire Trulioo’s workforce to transition seamlessly from remote work to the vibrant office environment. The design encapsulates a deep understanding of human needs, emphasizing collaboration, functionality, and productivity.

Design Concept: Merging Artistry and Identity

Edit Studios embarked on a mission to craft a holistic environment that would foster interaction and engagement. At the heart of the design is a striking interconnected stairway, adorned with a bespoke mural by local artist Rory Doyle. This artwork is a visual ode to Trulioo’s most valuable asset – its people. The stairway becomes more than a mere passage; it’s a symbol of unity and inspiration.

From the moment one enters through the reception, the wall adorned with abstract topographic continents commands attention, signifying Trulioo’s global influence. This strategic design choice powerfully communicates the company’s widespread reach and impact.

A Symphony of Purposeful Spaces: Balancing Privacy and Collaboration

Understanding the evolving needs of the modern workforce, Edit Studios carefully orchestrated the workspace layout. Recognizing the importance of acoustic privacy, the design embraces private enclaves and phone rooms, ensuring virtual meetings and focused tasks can be executed without disrupting others. These zones form clusters, providing concentrated work sanctuaries.

Open collaboration zones were strategically positioned, ensuring minimal interruptions during the day. This approach encourages both productivity and a sense of community. The result is a symphony of spaces where employees can connect, collaborate, and rejuvenate.

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The Resimercial Revolution: Transforming Offices into Homes

Edit Studios embarked on a resimercial design journey, redefining the corporate space with warmth, comfort, and contemporary aesthetics. A layered lighting approach, along with soft furnishings and a soothing color palette, creates an atmosphere that seamlessly marries the comfort of home with the functionality of an office.

Even in this professional setting, Trulioo’s identity remains deeply embedded. Custom wall coverings, inspired by the company’s rebrand, envelop the space with a sense of belonging and purpose. Every design element, down to the smallest detail, aligns with Trulioo’s narrative.

Innovative Amenities: A Haven for Diverse Preferences

Within this innovative workspace, Trulioo has dedicated 60% of the area to amenity, collaboration, and meeting spaces. The 1,500 sq. ft. library caters to focused work, while the inviting “living room” fosters social interactions, camaraderie, and relaxation. A versatile café equipped with cutting-edge technology becomes the hub for town hall gatherings. And for those seeking a nostalgic thrill, “Arcade Alley” boasts vintage arcade games, echoing Trulioo’s commitment to a balanced work-play dynamic.

Embracing Nature: A Green Oasis within Walls

The Trulioo HQ doesn’t merely celebrate architectural excellence; it also embraces the well-being of its employees. Plant libraries are thoughtfully scattered throughout the office, stemming from the realization that plant life significantly impacts one’s sense of well-being. These green companions can be borrowed, creating an environment where nature and work seamlessly intertwine.

A Beacon of Tomorrow: Technical Details

The Trulioo HQ project stands as a testament to collaborative brilliance. With Edit Studios Inc. leading the design vision, and the backing of prominent names such as Westbank and Turner Construction, the outcome is a harmonious blend of art, functionality, and purpose.

Conclusion: A Paradigm Shift in Workspace Dynamics

Trulioo’s new headquarters in Vancouver transcends the traditional office paradigm. It reflects the evolution of workspaces, pivoting from the conventional to the extraordinary. Every facet of the design, orchestrated by Edit Studios, embodies Trulioo’s values, identity, and commitment to fostering a workspace that invigorates, inspires, and revolutionizes the return-to-work ethos in the post-pandemic era.

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