Transforming Urban Living: The Garnet by SGVA Architects

Project Information

Official Project Name: The Garnet
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Client: BFC Partners, SMJ Development
Architects/designers: Shakespeare, Gordon, Vlado: Architects PLLC
Design team: Amy Shakespeare, Mark Gordon, Ashima Chitre, Sean Kennedy
Engineers: Severud Associates (Structural), Skyline Engineering (MEP), Frank Seta Associates (Façade Consulting), United Spinal Association (ADA Consulting)

Project sector: Affordable Housing
Budget: $31 million
Square footage:106,686 sf
Project completion date: 2021
Photographers: Alexander Severin, Brett Beyer

A Jewel in the Urban Fabric

The Garnet, a striking addition to Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, stands tall as a testament to the transformative power of architecture. Designed by Shakespeare, Gordon, Vlado: Architects (SGVA), this eleven-story marvel is not just a building; it’s a substantive and assured presence that enriches the urban fabric of its community.

Affordable Housing Redefined

With 103 much-needed affordable apartments, The Garnet exemplifies the successful collaboration between architects and New York City agencies. The project, funded through the Mixed-Middle Income program, demonstrates how vacant and underused spaces can be repurposed into gracious, dynamic, and affordable housing solutions.

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Design Concept Unveiled

The Garnet‘s design narrative unfolds with textured masonry and jewel-toned accents, creating a visually engaging street wall. The architects’ meticulous planning extends beyond the residential space, providing 12,000 sf of retail space on the ground floor, enhancing not only the lives of residents but also the vibrancy of the surrounding neighborhood.

Sustainability and Integration

The project involved rigorous agency approvals, including a ULURP application, showcasing SGVA’s commitment to navigating complex urban landscapes. The Garnet integrates sustainable design practices aligned with the Enterprise Green Communities criteria. A second-floor roof terrace connects tenants to the outdoors, fostering a sense of liberation rather than constraint.

Redefining Urban Living

As The Garnet took its place in March 2021, it not only replaced underused lots but also redefined the experience of its block. From celebrating the vibrancy of Fulton Street to integrating sustainable practices, this architectural gem is a testament to the power of thoughtful design in creating affordable housing that feels expansive and liberating. Shakespeare, Gordon, Vlado: Architects has not just built a building; they’ve woven a narrative of transformation into the very fabric of Brooklyn.

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