Transbay Transit Center Project in San Francisco


The Transbay Transit Center is a $4 billion project to replace the current Transbay Terminal with a multi-modal transit center serving ten transportation systems. Located in downtown San Francisco, the new terminal will serve both bus and rail and will include a 5.4 acre rooftop park.


The Transbay Transit Center Project, which will replace the current Transbay Terminal with a new, multi-modal transportation center and centralize the region’s transportation network by accommodating nine transportation systems under one roof, will make public transit a more convenient option in the Bay Area, much as it is in other world-class cities. The three components of the project – replacing the outdated Transbay Terminal with a modern transit hub, extending the Caltrain rail line 1.3 miles into the heart of the Financial District and redeveloping the area surrounding the Transbay Transit Center with 2,600 new homes (35% affordable), parks and a retail main street – will help to return San Francisco to a culture of mass transit, allowing people to travel and commute without the need for a car, thereby decreasing congestion and pollution.

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