Toronto’s Timeless Revival: Akb’s Renovation

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Project Highlights

Official name of the project: West End Renovation
Location: Toronto, Canada
Architecture + Interior Design: Akb Architects
Construction Manager: Ripple Projects
Cabinet maker and kitchen: Renca+ Heilimo Inc.
Flooring: Moncer Flooring
Rear Windows: Schuco International

Akb Architects has left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of Toronto with their recent renovation project in the West End. In a nod to the city’s historical roots, this understated yet transformative renovation breathes new life into a home dating back to the early 19th century.

Reimagining Spaces

The architects at Akb embarked on a journey to marry classic design with contemporary functionality. The main level underwent a profound transformation, featuring classically proportioned rooms with enlarged openings. This design choice not only facilitates a seamless flow between spaces but also creates a captivating enfilade of rooms, offering clear sightlines from the front of the house to the rear garden.

From Formal to Casual

As one ventures deeper into the house, the ambiance shifts from formal to casual, providing a dynamic living experience. A welcoming foyer, complete with a fireplace and concealed coat closet, sets the tone for an inviting atmosphere. The cocktail lounge, featuring a wood-burning fireplace and a freestanding wet bar, exudes sophistication and intimacy.

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Harmony of Elements

The design seamlessly incorporates black elements into an overall light palette, creating a monochromatic scheme that unifies the space. From black granite in the wet bar to hot-rolled steel framing the fireplace, these elements punctuate the design, offering a visually striking contrast. The kitchen, predominantly white, embraces matte black finishes for a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Spatial Considerations and Contemporary Details

Akb Architects carefully considered spatial dynamics, introducing sectional shifts in the floor to delineate between formal and open-concept spaces. This innovative approach not only enhances movement through the house but also establishes a closer connection to the backyard’s natural elements.

The architects retained traditional detailing to emphasize the harmony between the original structure and modern interventions. Thin, blade-like projecting frames now line each room opening, providing a reductive articulation of classical door casings. The larger openings offer far-reaching sightlines to the lush greenery of the backyard, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Akb Architects’ West End Renovation stands as a testament to their ability to blend history with modernity seamlessly. The architects’ focus on the architect and design concept shines through in every element, creating a home that not only meets the needs of its inhabitants but also celebrates the rich tapestry of Toronto’s architectural heritage.

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