Top 5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Nothing is better than coming home to a well-renovated bathroom and standing beneath a luxurious hot shower to chase all your exhaustion away. It is your private sanctuary where you start, and end your day, so ensure it is exactly how you like it. Moreover, a newly custom-built bathroom can be more water and energy-efficient and will give a significant boost to your lifestyle and property value. It is a smart move if you live in a city such as Irving, where the cost of utilities is 14% higher than the national average, and you will want to save some bucks by cutting down your utility bills.

However, you should plan everything meticulously to avoid letting all your efforts and money go down the drain. So from giving a minor update to your bathroom to a complete redesign, here are some things to consider.

1. Durable Shower Fixtures

An efficient and updated shower fixture is vital to get that heavenly feel of rejuvenation as you step under the cascade of fine water droplets. Nothing can ruin the mood more than an underperforming shower faucet with inconsistent or low water pressure. It can be due to clogging of the pipes or the shower head. It can be a problem, especially if you live in a place like Irving, which has a supply of moderately hard water, i.e., water with excess dissolved minerals. It causes frequent clogging of the pipes due to mineral build-up. If that is the case for you as well, consider replacing your old shower fixtures with modern ones of your liking. In case your water supply causes mineral buildup, you can opt for showerheads with built-in filters. You can search for reputable bathroom remodeling companies that can provide you with a shower replacement in Irving TX, and help you get your dream bath ready.

While you are at it, do not forget to consider factors such as the product’s durability, efficient installation, and ease of cleaning.

2. Ensure the Bathroom is Well Lit

A great light in your bathroom will make everything go right! Bathrooms need somewhat more light than any other part of the house, especially around the vanity where you get ready for the day. Good lighting will give a final touch to your newly remodeled bathroom space and highlight the features that might otherwise go unnoticed. No matter how classy your bathroom remodeling is, bad lighting will ruin the look. So ensure to give your bathroom plenty of natural and artificial light.

Ample natural light will make your bathroom space feel airier and look spacious. For this purpose, try designing multiple windows without compromising the privacy of the bathroom. You can also consider incorporating a skylight in your design. If your home is not conducive to it, switch to the tubular skylight. Moreover, if you have multiple windows, you can position your vanity in a way where you will be facing the window for more natural light to fall on your face.

For artificial light, thinking about making brightness layers is a good idea. Avoid using harsh and naked overhead bulbs that will cast undesirable shadows on your face.

3. Ample Storage Space

Are you fed up with a messy bathroom? Say goodbye to visually unappealing things on display by increasing your storage and keeping your space tidy and stylish. You can start with built-in shelves for your products near the shower. You can also consider adding floating cabinets on the walls for your towels and other toiletries. If you have ever forgotten to grab a towel from your bedroom closet before getting into the shower, you will understand the importance of this extra storage space.

If you do not have ample space for installing cabinets, you can go for drawers under the sink that do not occupy extra space and are also easily accessible. If your bathroom space is small, you can add hanging baskets that are vertically stacked. These narrow baskets can fit in tight spaces and make the space aesthetically appealing with their beautiful designs. Whatever option you choose, ensure that the storage feels integrated and not added on.

4. Ventilation

When we think about remodeling a bathroom, an efficient ventilation system is hardly the first thing that pops up in our minds. Enhancing the visual appeal usually takes precedence over good airflow, but without it, your dream of a luxurious and modern bathroom can quickly take a wrong turn.
Poor ventilation and unpleasant odor is the biggest repellant. Let your bathroom smell better by installing a good ventilation system to remove stale air, moisture, and unpleasant odors. It is not only necessary from a hygienic viewpoint, but not doing so can also take a toll on your bathroom walls. From opening a window to circulate fresh air to installing extractor fans or a dehumidifier, a good ventilation system will ensure a comfortable environment and structural integrity of your bathroom.

5. Accessibility

With all the luxurious add-ons, ensure that everything is accessible for all your family members when you’re renovating all the bathrooms in your home. This consideration is especially important for individuals with special needs, such as the elderly and those with mobility issues. Install the cabinets, towel bars, and sink at the right height. Likewise, attach the grab bars near the toilet seat with a secure material and add a shower seat that you can flip up when not in use. Installing easy-to-use faucets with lever handles is crucial for accessibility since they do not require effort to open and close.


Renovation is always a tiring process, even if you are a seasoned pro. From planning everything to bearing the construction mess, it surely drains your energy. But when it comes to your bathroom, a place that needs to be efficient, serene, and practical, you will have to work harder to meet the stakes. So before starting your bathroom remodel project, be clear about what you expect from the new design and the changes you need to bring to achieve it. With a clear picture of all the materials and costs, you can transform the space into a personal spa!

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