Tokyo’s Cozy Gem: Cuadro Nakano North Unveiled!

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In the heart of Tokyo, where space is a luxury, Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture has crafted a stunning piece of architectural innovation – Cuadro Nakano North. This award-winning project, completed in Winter 2022, redefines compact living, offering an intriguing blend of form and function.

1. Maximizing Minimal Space

Situated just a stone’s throw away from Nakano Station in western Tokyo, Cuadro Nakano North is a testament to the creative collaboration between Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture and partners Kiz Architects, Hidetaka Gonai/Escenario, and client Nobumitsu Ohashi/Shukou Kensetsu. This project challenges the norms of contemporary dwellings in a densely populated urban environment, utilizing a mere 4.7m width and 14m depth.

2. Innovative Design Amidst Historical Context

Embracing Tokyo’s historical housing context, Cuadro Nakano North rises gracefully on a compact site. Despite the constraints imposed by slope limitations and floor-area ratios, the architectural masterpiece skillfully maximizes the available space. A single staircase seamlessly connects four levels, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. This unique design ensures ample living areas, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to urban living.

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3. Adapting to Tokyo’s Housing Challenges

Tokyo’s housing challenges are met head-on by Cuadro Nakano North. Balancing the accommodation of three residential units and parking spaces on a relatively small site, the project ingeniously addresses the city’s unique shape and constraints. The elevated eastern side creates a compact piloti, providing space for two parking spots while considering potential recreational use. The top floor, designed with contemporary needs in mind, features a workspace counter atop the staircase, catering to the demand for remote work in today’s society.

4. Aesthetic Simplicity and Functional Elegance

Step inside Cuadro Nakano North, and you’ll find a minimalist color scheme, featuring unified white fixtures, fittings, and lighting against concrete and white walls. The result is an uncluttered, refined ambiance that enhances the living experience. High-performance airtight windows with 1,700 square millimeter openings ensure natural ventilation and lighting, minimizing the need for air conditioning.

In conclusion, Cuadro Nakano North is more than just a housing project – it’s a testament to innovative design overcoming spatial challenges. Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture’s creation not only adapts to Tokyo’s unique housing landscape but also sets a new standard for efficient and aesthetic urban living.

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