Tips on How to Choose an Asbestos Inspection Company

It’s high time that we talk about asbestos more seriously. It’s one of the silent killers which are lurking inside your very own home. Once you’ve accidentally inhaled it, it could pose a lot of health risks to you. And everything could go south from there.

The best thing to do if you suspect asbestos presence in your house is to report it to experts. These experts from legit asbestos inspection companies will do an investigation in your house to see which areas you have to be cautious of.

These types of inspections will ultimately help you if you have plans on renovating your home. Because once you start tearing your house down without any knowledge of asbestos presence, you are practically exposing yourself in asbestos.

These asbestos fibres can scar your lungs which can result in cancer of the lungs and other diseases. So better cancel that renovation plan first and have your house checked by professionals.
But beware of companies who offer these kinds of services, too. For every industry, there’s always a bad apple so it’s better that you do your research.

In this piece we are giving you some tips and insights on how to look for the best inspection companies out there.

Asbestos Inspection is Different from Asbestos Removal

Let’s set things straight first. Inspection is not removal. If you suspect asbestos in your home, have it inspected by the legit asbestos inspection companies, not an asbestos removal agency. If you allow a removal company check your home, it will only create a conflict of interest.

There’s a big chance that a removal company will whip up their reports in a way that will favour their business.

Don’t mind their sweet talks and the sweet deals that they offer. Just do your research and see if the companies you’re looking at are either a removal or an inspection company. Go visit WorkSafe’s website and look for their license. Once you see that they have a removal business, steer clear of that company already.

You should also look for their past reports which are used for asbestos registers. Just by looking at these papers, you can already see whether they’re a legit company or not. Most reports for asbestos register Melbourne and Victoria should be at least 30-pages long. If they fall short to that, that’s a red flag.

See if Their Inspectors are Retired Builders

While we salute the craftsmanship of everyone who works in the construction industry, we still think that only certified inspectors must check your house instead of retired builders. We brought it up because other companies employ former builders as their inspectors. Beware of those companies.

You have to understand that knowledge in buildings, tools and machineries is not synonymous to knowledge in asbestos risk management. You have to make sure your home will be inspected by certified inspectors only.

In addition, old builders tend to have less sense or urgency when it comes to safety protocols. Asbestos is certainly a health risk. So you need a team of professionals who are serious about this.

Once you’ve confirmed that the team who will scour your house for asbestos is composed of licensed professionals, you’re good to go.

Look Around their Website

Legit inspection companies like to show off sometimes. Every time they win an award or earn a certification, they will most likely post these on all of their platforms. And these awards will only legitimize their business.

So before signing on a deal, make sure to do your research first.

In addition, these awards will show the specialty of the company. As much as possible, you would want the company that you’ll hire to focus only on one thing: asbestos inspection.

While venturing on other types of services like rats, termites and other pests removal is good for their business, you would want a company who’s more focused on asbestos. This way you’ll know that they’re focusing all their resources to improve their service. Especially that we’re talking about health here.

If you happen to find yourself in the future suspecting your house of asbestos presence, make sure to call for the help of professionals. Just remember these tips and insights so you’ll find the right and the best company for your needs.

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