Tips for Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

Assembling Furniture

Did you just spend hours struggling to put together the odd pieces of your new flat pack furniture? You’re not alone. Assembling flat pack furniture does feel like solving an impossible jigsaw puzzle. But there are some tips and tricks to make flat pack furniture assembly possible with a lot less hassle. Here are some of them.

Clear your workspace

Before you jump into the process, make sure you have plenty of room to lay everything down while assembling the furniture pieces. Remove the clutter and make enough space so you can sit on the floor, move around the unit as needed, and access it from all sides. Also leave ample space for your tools and parts.

Unbox carefully

Take care to open the package, ensuring whatever sharp object you’re using to cut the box open doesn’t damage the furniture pieces inside.

Check for the parts

This step is crucial before you start to assemble. It may seem like you’re wasting time going through hundreds of parts and fixings and matching them with the parts list that comes with the unit. But imagine the nasty surprise of finding a bolt or a couple of screws missing halfway through the process — no one wants that.

Organise everything

Flat packfurniture kits typically come with hundreds ofscrews, nails, nuts, bolts, knobs, washers, and more.A helpful tip is to organise them in separate boxes so you won’t have to fish things out froma messy pile every time you need an item.

Keep your tools ready

Your box of flat pack furniture will have some basic mini tools needed for assembly. But also having your own tools handy can make the job easier. So what tools would you need? A hammer, Allen wrench set, an adjustable spanner, scissors, a power screwdriver with flathead and Philips head varieties, anda measuring tape — these are more than enough.

Follow the instructions to the letter

Flat pack furniture is precision made, so it’s important that you stick to the instructions provided in the manual. Before getting on with the assembly, read the instruction manualfrom start to finish to get a clear-cut understanding of the process. And, don’t forget to keep the manual handy. You might want to go through it from time to timeas you assemble to make sure you’re doing it right.

Get more hands on deck

Furniture assembly projects can be difficult to accomplish alone. Trying to do everything on your own can be frustrating, time-consuming, and you can even injure yourself while lifting heavy pieces. So ask friends or family members to help you with your assembly.

Be patient

Patience is a virtue when it comes to assembling furniture. Take your time going through the instructions and don’t rush yourself into the assembly until you’re ready. Plan more hours than you think you will need and take breaks in between. This way, the whole process might take more time than you had in mind, but you’ll be more relaxed and less likely to make frustrating mistakes.

Seek help from professionals

If you don’t wish to spend your time and energy on flat pack furniture assembly, there are professionals who will do it for you.By shedding a few extra dollars, you can get perfectly assembled furniture much faster and minus any hassle or mess.

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