Think Green with Sustainable Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has been gaining recently more popularity due to its environmentally friendly nature and its ecological benefits. Perhaps, you encountered some friend or neighbor who has installed such flooring or at least you have heard of it. Actually, it can be a perfect addition to any household. It is a member of the family of flooring with a woody style, but meanwhile it is not as expensive as hardwood floors which make it a handy replacement to tiles, carpets and other hardwood floors. And though it is comparatively cheaper, it still maintains a nice appearance just like other flooring.

The bark of a cork oak tree (Quercus Suber) is the source of the cork used for cork flooring. This is a completely different tree that shouldn’t be mixed with the cork tree (Phellondendron) which is not used in cork extraction due to the thinner size of its bark. Cork oak tree is widely grown in Africa and South-western Europe. As a matter of fact, Portugal comes in first place with its share of 50% of the total cork production.
One of the advantages of cork is that it is a natural source that can be renewed and hence it is environmentally friendly. Even cork harvesting is not that difficult process at all. It starts with tearing bark from oak tree after duration of about ten years of its growth. This procedure can be done over and over again through a time period of two hundred years. And the best of it, it doesn’t have any side effects that can neither destroy the tree nor the environment. Actually, the tree can continue its normal growth after cork extraction.
Moreover, Cork flooring comes in many colors and patterns, hence making your selection process an enjoyable one. It has a full shade of colors and tones ranging from extremely bright light colors to natural colors as well as dark colors.
And finally, Cork flooring is an excellent choice since it is produced without any safety hazards, it is environmentally friendly, and above all, it is also recyclable and it can keep your home dust-free as well as insect-free.

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