The True Beauty Of Luxury Villa Living In Dubai

Do you know that every year, the Dubai population increases at a rate of 10.7 percent? This isn’t because of an increase in the UAE’s birth rate. The city welcomes thousands of new residents coming from different parts of the globe. Many have uprooted themselves from their country to transplant their lives in the City of Gold because of their career plans. This is one of the biggest reasons why real estate developments are an everyday thing here. As a result, this also offers big opportunities to make an investment in Dubai.

Finding a home in Dubai is clearly not that difficult. You get a fine selection of everything from humble studio apartments, to boutique hotel apartments to spacious luxury villas. Whatever your budget may be, there won’t be any trouble finding an abode to fit your requirements.

But if you’re looking for a suitable home for your family, a smart option is a villa created by a top developer in the city. These homes reveal an ingenious blend of sophisticated style sensibilities that also uphold the functionality requirements of modern families.

Villas are a Popular Choice among Expat Families

Most foreign workers in Dubai are given the option to bring their entire family to the city and they make up a large percentage of the usual investors for luxury villas. This is no surprise as these residential buildings are designed beautifully to cater to growing families.

Apart from this, villa living provides other advantages for families, listed below.

1. Safe environment

Real estate developers always choose prime locations where there’s a high standard of living, and they go above and beyond to maintain this standard. Thus, they develop additional security and privacy systems to ensure residents’ quality of life.

It’s worth mentioning as well that there are even some that make sure to incorporate home systems in the residential units to promote sustainable and healthy living.

2. Ease of access

The strategic location of these real estate provisions allows residents to be near important establishments such as schools, public transportation services, banks, leisure centers, and others. You can live in a centrally located establishment in Dubai, making going about day-to-day activities rather convenient.

3. Community amenities

Real estate developers are known to throw in various services and facilities around the area to make villa living comfortable. It’s not uncommon to find a gym, park, and a sports center in the community, which are placed solely to cater to the common brand of life residents share.

4. Plentiful outdoor space

Some villas have a good-sized yard that makes entertaining a breeze. With more and more people choosing to stay at home most of the time, the yard presents a variety of opportunities for leisure and relaxation.

Families can take advantage of great weather days and have a barbecue party. The children can also take many of their activities outdoors — play outside but within the safe confines of your property.

5. Wholesome community life

Although the villas boast classic designs and other fancy features, they are developed in a way that creating neighborly relations is possible. Because these homes are detached, there’s no “overlap” with the life of neighbors, unlike when you live in a modern apartment building.

The overlap is usually the noise or cigarette smoke from one dwelling that can be heard or smelled in another. These particular nuances in the lives of neighbors can interfere or compromise your own. Without these inconvenient overlaps, social collisions are more pleasant within a villa community.

More Developments to Come

There’s no doubt that there’ll be even more villa options in the coming years. Real estate development companies say there’s a lot to look forward to as they are always looking for ways to cater to people’s changing needs.

Among the needs they wish to address more accurately is the increasing concern homebuyers have about their health and their lifestyle’s impact on the environment. Therefore, in the future, investors can expect to see more state-of-the-art systems incorporated into building designs that can monitor residents’ health as well as their carbon footprint.

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