The Top Ideas for Upgrading an Outdated Ceiling

From popcorn ceilings to ugly colors, previous homeowners had a lot of strange ideas on how to decorate the highest point of their home. Unfortunately, this means that you are stuck with trying to figure out how to cover up these mistakes and create something beautiful in its stead. Here are some of the options that you can consider:

Paint Over It

If the surface is completely flat and doesn’t have any structural elements or features to it, then painting over the existing surface is often the easiest upgrade. However, it is a good idea to consider your color scheme of ceiling paint a little more carefully.

Now, the most common option is either painting the surface white or the same color as the walls. This isn’t going to do much to make the space pop, though. Thus, consider a bold – but chic – shade that will draw the eye upwards every time someone walks into the room.

Get a Stretch Ceiling

This element works well as a cover up because – depending on the design that you choose – you will not have to make any changes to the original surface. Instead, the PVC-based membrane can be placed directly over it, ensuring that the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

Needless to say, this is a rather intricate project and you should make it a point to select a company such as Alamiva – Ottawa Stretch Ceiling & Wall Installer for the job. Then, you will be able to ensure high-quality and beautiful results. Not to mention, the effect will last longer as well.

Add Tiles

What’s great about tiles is that there are so many styles and colors to choose from. This means that it will be no issue at all to find an option that will suit your personal taste as well as the surrounding décor. It is a good idea to expand your search a bit, though, as you will be surprised by some of the designs that you can find.

From vintage to patterned, you can come across some pretty unusual tiles if you dig far enough. These can be a wonderful way to really elevate the entire look of a room or your home easily. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make a statement with this design choice.

Add Paneling or Wood Beams

Do you want your home to seem a bit more expensive or elegant? Then the best way to do this is with wood beams running across the ceiling. Now, in case this sounds like a costly project, don’t worry there is an alternative – faux beams. These are far cheaper and they are easier to install as well.

In case you are after a more rustic vibe, then consider wood paneling instead. Of course, you can look for another material to help keep the cost down. Thin white panels, in particular, can evoke the feel of a different era if you are so inclined.

These are the main ideas that you can try out to upgrade the space above your head. You will be surprised at what a difference these tactics can make.

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