The Top Design Tactics to Let in More Natural Light

Does your home feel a little too dark and dingy? Then, the only remedy is to ensure that you encourage more natural light into your home. Now, this often means including various architectural tricks and strategies to make it work. Here are the top ideas that you should consider for your own space:

Increasing the Square Footage of Glass

Many homeowners may automatically assume that they have to put in larger window frames if they want to let in more light. And, naturally, they may be opposed to this idea. After all, you have to make a bigger space in the wall and this can be rather tricky.

Well, you can avoid all these issues and put in a bay window. Simply look up where to buy best windows Ottawa and you will be able to find suitable frames. Understand, with bay design, the frames extend outwards. This means that no additional space has to be created. What’s more, if you select a design with larger glass panes, then you will be letting in even more light!

Skylights or Light Tubes

Getting light in from directly above is an excellent way to light up larger spaces in your home. As you can imagine, skylights are the most effective option here. If you live in a home that is quite dark or where you don’t get much sunlight for many months during the year, then you can replace larger sections of the ceiling with glass panes.

In case you are looking for a more cost-effective option, light tubes may be a good alternative. These require less work and so are cheaper to install. Light tubes are also great for lighting up small, dark corner around your home.

Door Transoms

If your front door is a solid block of wood, then you need to switch up with a transom as this automatically lets in light. If you are worried about privacy, then frosted glass helps to maintain some anonymity.

Keep in mind that door transoms aren’t just for your front door, though. In fact, you should consider replacing any door in your home with design. This means that any light in one room will filter to the next through the glass. It may seem like a small change but you will be surprised by what an impact it makes.

Replace Non-Structural Walls with Glass

This is a big change but it is something that you may want to consider for smaller homes or houses where the light just doesn’t seem to reach certain points. Consider the thin, non-structural walls in your home and replace them with glass panes or doors.

The good news is that there a lot of creative options available to here. This includes thick blocks of frosted glass, stained glass, etc. Thus, you can actually have a lot of fun with this alteration. Once you do make the change, you will be able to see just how much of an impact it can have on the house as a whole.

These are the top design tactics that you should consider. Any of these can ensure that your home seems a brighter and more cheerful space.

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