The Top Airports of 2019

Every year, a World Airport Survey is completed in order to see which airports passengers think excel. A lot of factors are taken into account when determining which airport comes out on top, and the results are announced in late March. Below is a list of the top airports for 2019 according to the survey, and the reasons for their result.

1. Singapore Changi

It’s probably not surprising to hear that Singapore Changi comes out on top in this year’s survey, as it came top in both 2018 and 2017 as well. The airport serves over 80 international airlines and sees over 5000 arrivals and departures each and every week. Passengers can travel from the airport to more than 200 destinations in close to 100 countries around the world. World class shopping, delicious cuisine and plenty of entertainment options have all contributed to this airport coming out on top.

2. Tokyo Haneda

Tokyo Haneda services both domestic and international flights, and plays a very important role in the tourism industry. The international wing of the airport has a wide selection of duty free goods for passengers to choose from, and there are also convenience stores, newsagents and pharmacies available for those who need them. Over 40 restaurants are also available, serving a variety of Japanese dishes as well as European and North American favorites.

3. Seoul Incheon

One of the busiest airports in the world, and the largest airport in South Korea, it takes a lot of effort to ensure Seoul Incheon airport runs like clockwork. However, it does and it truly excels, which is perhaps why Incheon has been awarded the third best airport in the world award for 2019. It has also won the title in previous years. In addition, Incheon is the world’s sixth largest cargo airport and has the runways to cater to masses of cargo traffic.

4. Doha Hamad

In fourth place, we have Doha Hamad, the international airport for the capital city of Qatar. All of the Middle Eastern airports deserve a mention for their beautiful architecture and their superb scheduling, but Doha Hamad excels for being the most luxurious airport in the world. Stunning visuals, the ability to accommodate over 30 million passengers each year, and plenty of attractions to keep passengers occupied have all led to it coming in fourth place.

What Makes a Good Airport?

So what makes a good airport? Aside from a range of entertainment options, shops and restaurants that will keep passengers occupied while waiting for their flights, it’s also important that flights run on schedule and that passengers feel that their needs are being met. Airports also need to make sure that their runways are well maintained using a good curing compound, and that they won’t become damaged or have issues during extreme heat or cold spates. An airport that not only meets these expectations but exceeds them, is one that’s going to be a likely contender for 2020’s World Airport Survey.

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