The Smart Way to Manage Property Maintenance

We are living in a digital world and this has a positive impact on our lives in many ways and that includes property maintenance. The Internet hosts a wealth of information on building repairs, maintenance and improvements and in this short article, we offer valuable advice for the Australian homeowner.

Online solutions

Assuming you are tech-savvy and know how to create folders on your smartphone, you can do a web search for trusted plumbers in Bondi, a 24-hour electrician, a drain specialist and a landscape gardener; store all the numbers on your speed dial and in the event of a sudden need, you can call up the tradesman directly.

Trades to source

The following local providers can be sourced;

  • Emergency plumber
  • Carpenter/handyman
  • Telecommunications engineer
  • Heating & gas engineer
  • Home security
  • Drainage contractor
  • Small builder
  • Landscape gardener/arborist

Sourcing a local contractor can begin with a Google search to bring up a list of local websites which you can browse; we recommend finding the company’s Facebook page and read the comments to discover what customers think of their service.

Beware of call-out charges

Some contractors have a call-out charge and they might not advertise the fact, so you should enquire about this. It might take a few days to source all numbers, but there’s nothing else to do; you are now fully equipped to deal with any domestic event! Click here for maintenance tasks that can save you money.

Be proactive

Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, it is better to take a proactive approach; regular roof inspections reveal minor repairs that can be carried out promptly. If there were a few roof tiles missing, how would you know? Without a roof inspection, you would see damp patches on the ceilings and by that time, it’s too late. Have you ever had your property inspected for pests? Wet and dry rot can cause havoc if undiscovered and for the little it costs, regular inspections are recommended.

Garden maintenance

Unless you happen to be retired and love gardening, you probably don’t have the time for gardening; contact your local landscape gardener, who can quote you for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. It is nice when you have a day off and the garden looks neat and tidy at all times.

Climate control

The harsh Australian climate means your HVAC system needs regular servicing; the best time to service your HVAC is just before the summer and a quick Internet search can put you in touch with a local engineer that doesn’t charge a fortune.

Create lists

If you do a walk around the property once a week, note small things such as burnt-out lightbulbs, dripping faucets and squeaky doors and call in a handyman who can make short work of the list in a couple of hours. If you view your home as your biggest investment, it makes total sense to keep on top of building maintenance.

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