The Signs of a Growing Company

What first impression does your company give?

Seven seconds. That’s how long it takes for someone to make their mind up about you – you’ve given your first impression. Intimidating, right? People are not the only ones that give off first impressions. Your company does too. That can be just as intimidating, but luckily easier to control.

Imagine you’re visiting a company’s headquarters. It’s your first time there. Your first experience of how this company works is about to take place. You look for a sign that will point you in the right direction. They look a bit outdated. You follow the instructions. This doesn’t look like the place, you were trying to find. You almost walk right out of the other end of the building. You look for another sign. There’s one! But it just says the same thing as the one before. You end up on the wrong floor of the building. You try to ask one of the employees for directions, but he seems a bit confused about where you’re going. You ask another one and get the same reaction. No one seems to know where anything is. What kind of place is this?
It’s a place with outdated signs. The first impression you get of this place is one of chaos. They might have had the place organised at one point, but they let themselves get outdated. This progressed into a downward spiral of, quite annoying, confusion. “Who’s this file for?” “No idea. Things are a mess here. Just leave it anywhere”.

Room for progress

No business should ever become stale. Don’t let your company’s physical organisation hold you back. You change and progress. Let the signs you use reflect that progress.Don’t let your company be the company from above. When you let the physical structures fall into being stale, so follows the structures of the spirit.With an LED sign solution, you have the ability to change and grow.

Change comes daily as well. Every room of a big company’s building hosts a wealth of different meetings each day. Where’s that investor’s meetup the boss asked, if I could check out? The boss is not answering his phone. He’s probably in a meeting. So where’s that meeting? Our example-employee will probably find either one at some point. He’ll also likely arrive at the meetup late, sweaty and with his heart pumping double-time. Not the best first impression. With LED signs you have the ability to inform employees in an easy and non-intrusive way about what’s going on where, when every day.

Don’t let your company become stale. Give it the chance to grow. Invest in proper LED signs.

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